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For many people, confidence begins with the skin. The goal of having a smooth, clear, and vibrant complexion is a common one but can feel difficult to attain for those who struggle with acne. Acne can develop on the skin in many different forms and at varying levels of severity and acne scar & acne treatment options are critical. Typically, acne is caused by oil and dead skin cell buildup in pores and hair follicles leading to pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads alike.

For some patients, acne is a persistent condition that can be hard to get rid of. For others, it’s a more temporary condition or one that pops up unexpectedly due to external influences or stress. Either way, if acne is severe enough, it comes with the possibility of causing scarring on the surface of the skin. These scars generally show up as pitted pockets on the skin or can present as lifted keloids. There’s also a possibility that severe acne can alter the pigmentation on the skin in places where breakouts are heavy, or common.

Fortunately, acne and acne scars aren’t situations that patients simply have to learn to live with. Yes, they can be frustrating, but there are also many solutions available for those looking to transform their skin back to its smooth, clear, and refreshed state. When you’re looking at options that might work for you, the team at Skin and Vein can help.

Chemical Peels as Acne Treatment for Breakouts

Those struggling with regular acne breakouts may greatly benefit from scheduling a chemical peel. This simple process works well for those suffering from milk to moderate acne outbreaks. They’re typically a good follow-up to when you’ve tried over-the-counter creams and acne medications that haven’t proven successful at healing the skin. Many of these creams include ingredients such as cortisone, glycolic acid, and salicylic meant to exfoliate the skin after topical application. While creams are effective for some, those with more severe cases will quickly note that these products do little in the way of delivering up results.

Chemical peels are outpatient procedures done right in the comfort of the attending physician’s office. They can take anywhere from one minute to 12 minutes depending on the strength of the peel being performed. The goal of a chemical peel is to remove the top dead layer of skin and free pores of oil and cell buildup that’s leading to outbreaks. This process also encourages the buildup of healthier skin cells and promotes collagen production that leaves skin looking firmer and smoother over time. The concentrated acidic solution that’s used to treat the skin is neutralized with water at the end of a peel, refreshing the skin which is also given a healthy dose of invigorating serum to hydrate skin cells.


While similar to a chemical peel as far as achieving the desired results, microdermabrasion requires manual buffing of the skin in order to remove the top layer of dull and damaged skin cells. The attending physician will take time to run a hand-held device carefully over the skin, effectively removing old skin cells and making way for new, healthy cells to take their place. This often leaves skin feeling smoother, softer, and clearer in the long-run.

Fillers for Acne Scars

Hyaluronic acid is a primary component in fillers, making them an ideal option for those looking to improve the appearance of scars that acne breakouts have left behind. Fillers are a temporary, yet effective route to filling in pitted skin that acne has created. These injections don’t take long to place. Once the treatment area is clearly defined, the injection is quick and the results are instantaneous. Over time, the natural components of the fillers will be absorbed by the body, resulting in the need for replacements. On average, patients can expect fillers used to treat acne scars to last anywhere from four months to six months.

Laser Scar Removal

Patients who are interested in pursuing more permanent acne treatment options may want to go the route of laser removal. Both traditional laser treatments and non-ablative treatments have been shown to provide satisfactory results. Laser treatments resurface the skin at the point of scarring by completely removing the top layer of skin, ultimately allowing new skin to grow in its place. Laser treatments are linked to increased collagen production at the treatment site as well, helping the body naturally replenish smoother, healthier-looking skin in place of a scar. Alternatively, non-ablative lasers exclusively stimulate collagen production.

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