Total Lift Face Lift

Though modern medicine and insight into the human body has provided us with a greater understanding on how to slow down the hands of time, our bodies are still susceptible to inevitable changes that take place as we age and new cell production begins to slow. As we age, the collagen re-growth which is responsible for keeping our skin soft, supple, and elastic and which helps to provide structure and a firm appearance to our faces and bodies slows down considerably. The result is sagging jaw lines, drooping eyelids, deeper frown lines around our mouths and brows, and an overall more tired appearance.

Creams Don’t Always Work

Since most people are not thrilled with the changes that they see taking place as their skin begins to age and their appearance takes on a more tired look, there are countless creams and serums available on the market promising relief from many of the lines and wrinkles that come with advancing years. As much as we all wish it could be as easy as applying a magic cream to erase the years, it usually takes a more serious effort to see a real difference.

Enter Total Lift

The Total Lift is a modern face-lift procedure that borrows from the intentions of a traditional facelift to help lift skin and tighten facial muscles for a more relaxed, youthful appearance. This less invasive alternative combines the results of Y-Lift and HourLift procedures to help restore muscle structure and volume to your face with naturally appealing results.

Individual results of the Total Face Lift will vary depending on the patient’s skin laxity, age, degree of structural loss and any hereditary factors that may come into play. However, the minimally invasive nature of this procedure appeals to so many patients who are eager to experience face-lift results without the intensity of undergoing a traditional, invasive facelift procedure.

Consultations Available

If you’ve been feeling unhappy with how your face doesn’t match up with how you feel and you’d like to do something more drastic to improve sagging skin and wrinkles, we’d love to schedule a consultation with you to discuss how the Total Lift might be the perfect solution. We’re here to answer all your questions and make sure you feel comfortable with the process. So many of our patients have been very pleased with their Total Face Lift results and we’re excited to improve the lives of many more patients to come, so schedule your consultation today.

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