Top 5 Acne Myths

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There’s a lot of information available surrounding both the causes and treatment of acne, but a good portion of that information isn’t accurate. Those who are trying to prevent and treat acne breakouts need to be able to separate fact from fiction in their journey toward healthier, clearer skin. Let’s take a look at just 5 of many acne related myths to clear up your confusion as well as your skin:

Myth #1: Acne Is Just a Teenager Problem

Though acne issues are usually associated with the teenage years when hormones are surging and having effects on the body as a whole, acne isn’t limited to these young adults. In fact, according to the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, 50% of women aged 20-29 and 35% of women aged 30-39 reported acne problems. Acne does seem to affect more adult women than men however due to an increase in estrogen during peri-menopause.

Myth #2: Sunshine Improves Acne

An exposure to the sun may temporarily reduce the inflammation associated with acne so you may notice it less at first, but over exposure to the sun breaks down the skin’s collagen which is crucial to keeping firm, tight, youthful looking skin. Too much exposure to the sun can also lead to problems far more serious than acne such as skin cancer, so it’s always best to protect your skin from the sun whenever possible.

Myth #3: Breakouts Are the Result of Dirty Skin

Many people assume that those who break out a lot aren’t doing enough to keep their skin clean through regular washing. It’s not as simple as that however, and many times, too much washing of the skin can actually make acne worse. When the skin is stripped of its natural oils, it may overcompensate by producing more oil which can in turn make breakouts worse than before.

Myth #4: Moisturizers Make Acne Worse

Though it may seem like adding moisturizer on top of oily pores would only serve to make them worse, it actually helps keep the skin from getting dehydrated and from producing more oil making acne worse. Just opt for a lightweight moisturizer instead of a heavy cream and don’t be afraid to keep your skin hydrated.

Myth #5: Body Acne and Facial Acne Are the Same

Body acne and facial acne do not respond the same to acne creams and treatments. Your body isn’t as effective as absorbing topical products as your face so it’s important to consult your dermatologist to find out which treatments are best for each area of your face and body affected by acne.

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