The Top Reasons for Getting a Tattoo Removal in Michigan


There are many, many reasons you may want to have a tattoo removed. Here are some of the top reasons people want to have a tattoo removal in Michigan.

The Break-up

Often, people have had the name of a love interest’s name tattooed. Unfortunately, the tattoo will often last longer than the relationship. One of the main rules in tattoos is to NOT get your significant other’s name permanently placed on your body. And getting that person’s name removed after a break up is one of the top reasons for tattoo removal.

Changes in Interest

Many people experience changes in interest and find that the tribute to your favorite sports team or band is no longer relevant, and can also be seen as a nuisance.


Yes, you may have been very young when you got that tattoo and you really didn’t think that whole thing through. That late-night, spur of the moment tattoo may now seem not so wise.


Even though tattoos are now considered more mainstream, many jobs, including the U.S. military, have policies covering tattoos. Other people remove tattoos to enhance their chances of getting a better career or job.


While most tattoos turn out well, often people find themselves with poor-quality, unsightly tattoos. This can be a result of not doing your homework about the tattoo artist or again, having a tattoo done at the spur of the moment.

If you are considering a tattoo removal, our team at the Skin & Vein Center can help. We use the advanced PicoSure procedure for a safe and effective removal process

The laser procedure pinpoints the unwanted ink more effectively than other processes, along with being able to deal with difficult ink colors, such as blues and greens.

PicoSure uses a laser that creates a photomechanical impact, resulting in a higher level of ink disruption. Essentially, PicoSure shatters the ink so that it is more easily absorbed and then eliminated through your body’s natural processes. This results in a greater disruption of the target ink. The procedure basically shatters the ink into dust-like particles that are easily absorbed and eliminated through the body’s natural processes. Because PicoSure is an innovative process, few treatments are required, and you will also experience faster recovery times. Call the Skin & Vein Clinic for a complimentary consultation about tattoo removal.

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