The Skin & Vein Center is a Certified O-Shot®, P-Shot®, Vampire Facial® and Vampire Lift® Center of Excellence, having been trained directly by Dr. Runels, the physician who created, studied and perfected these procedures.

It’s estimated that nearly 40% of women in the US struggle with the effects of female sexual dysfunction. While many women may be too reluctant to speak about it in a public setting, the personal and emotional impacts of dealing with female sexual dysfunction can be devastating. When vaginal stimulation and sexual arousal become an effort for a woman, relationships and self-esteem are generally the first things to suffer.

While the past several years have seen a variety of products hit the market targeting men with similar disorders, women have been largely grasping for solutions that are at best, experimental. The O-Shot® was developed in response to this overwhelming need among female patients. For those who have long struggled with female sexual dysfunction, there is now an easy and effective non-surgical and non-medication solution.

Understanding the O-Shot®

The strategy behind the O-Shot® is to use a women’s PRP to increase sensitivity in the vaginal area. Blood is made up in part of Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP). These platelets are used in the body naturally to produce cells and tissue. The procedure is fairly simple and requires a patient to spend no more than 20-30-minutes in a physician’s office. Blood is drawn first and while the PRP is being separated out from the rest of the material, an anesthetic cream and ice are used for numbing purposes and then the PRP is injected. While many patients report increased sensitivity immediately following the procedure, the O-Shot® is designed to increase in effectiveness over the course of several months as stem cells, blood vessels and tissue are produced.

While the O-Shot® is an elective procedure, the ultimate goal is more wide-reaching. In our modern world, it’s imperative that women not only have a platform to discuss sexual health but a variety of solutions for dealing with those issues as well. The O-Shot® is a step towards helping women take control of their bodies and promote healthy relationships along the way. Contact the Skin & Vein Center today for more information on the many benefits of the O-Shot®.

*Individual results may vary.

*Individual Results May Vary