The Importance of a Regular Skin Cancer Screening

If you are dealing with skin cancer, you are not alone. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer and is diagnosed more than any other form of cancer combined each year. Unfortunately, the bad news does not stop there, as the amount of skin cancer cases continues to increase every year. As skin cancer is so common, it is critical to receive a regular skin cancer screening in order to catch it in an early stage.

Skin Exams

The most common way to regularly check your skin for the possibility of skin cancer is scheduling skin exams. These simple exams take a look at the patterns of your moles, blemishes, and freckles to see if any irregular patterns have developed. The American Cancer Society has not created any particular guidelines for how skin exams are conducted. This can make it difficult to understand how often you should go in for a skin exam. Make sure to talk to your doctor and see what they recommend.


You can only see the doctor so many times each year, so doctors will typically recommend you complete a self-exam at least once a month. Skin cancer can develop quickly and seem like it came out of nowhere. Completing self-exams is particularly important to make sure these sudden changes are caught quickly. Simply examine yourself in a well-lit room with a mirror. Ask a family member to help if you have difficulty examining hard to see areas such as your back or scalp.

Catch Skin Cancer Quickly With A Skin Cancer Screening

The importance of these exams is to catch skin cancer quickly. The sooner you are able to catch skin cancer, the easier it is to treat. Catching skin cancer early can ensure any minimal damage is contained. The longer people wait, the larger a tumor can grow, causing it to possibly become disfigured and require more extensive treatment. Another positive aspect of catching the tumor early is that the treatment will often be cheaper than more extensive treatments such as surgery.

Treat Your Skin Cancer Today

If you have been diagnosed with skin cancer or believe you are experiencing symptoms, make sure to seek our help immediately. We offer a variety of treatment options for patients experiencing all forms of skin cancer. Call our office today to schedule a skin cancer screening and learn about everything from how to perform a self-exam to details about available skin cancer treatments.

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