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Patient Testimonials

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Once you’ve decided you think you may like to do something about your dull skin, double chin, spider veins, or other cosmetic problem, there is one more important decision you need to make: What doctor do you see for your initial consultation? There are plenty of options out there, but this decision is important; this is your body that is going to be worked on, and you want to be sure that the doctor you choose not only has the skills and experience to make you look your best, but also has your best interests at heart!

We, of course, think Dr. Seiger and our wonderful staff is the ONLY place you should visit, but we don’t want to seem like we are bragging, so why not check out what our patients have to say about the various services we offer? The testimonials from patients of our vein center in Michigan listed below can say it so much better than we can! You, too, can leave us a review for our Sterling Heights, Fenton, or Livonia offices.

“Called on Tuesday and was able to get in Thursday. Their staff is VERY friendly and personable. The facility itself is also super clean. I would definitely recommend them.”* – Elysia M.

“Dr. Seiger and his staff are fabulous! They've made me a 'new' woman. Thanks to all.”* – Kay S.

“Aya did an AMAZING job with my injectables. 5 voluma syringes later I just look refreshed, not 'done'. I love that she took my request not to look 'done' into account and gave me exactly what I asked for. Be careful who you allow to inject your face, Ive been botched in the past at med-spas! Aya knows what she's doing.”* – Rachel R.

“Over 20 years with Dr Rick. Can't say enough about him and his staff.”* – Heidi M.

“Excellent service you'd expect to find in a much larger city. Perfect place to become 'a better you'.”*

– Ronald C.

“I had a mini lift done by Dr.Seiger. One week after the procedure, i can see very good results, very natural looking. Very pleased, specially since i already have had a similar procedure, 9 years prior, by a very well advertised place. Comparing both, i can say Dr.Seiger’s is superior, and on top of that his staff has been very helpful . My thanks to Tanya, his nurse, who was very kind. Will definitely go to him again for any other procedure.”* – Beatrix W.

“I recently had the one hour facelift with Dr. Seiger at the Fenton Clinic and I could not be more pleased with the experience and the results. The doctor and the staff were so friendly and informative. I was not nervous at all. Everyone says that I look ten years younger. Thank you Dr. Seiger!”* – Nina T.

“I have been going to Dr. Seiger for a few years and he has been consistently skillful, professional, friendly, and all that I could want in a doctor. My results have been great every time. I have recommended my friends to Dr Seiger and they are all impressed with his skill-level and friendly, professional manner. His staff are all wonderful, too. I will see Dr. Seiger many times in the future – the best, yet – I think he sets the bar.”* – Nada F.

"I had a mini face and neck lift, Lipostructure in my cheeks and Restylain in my lips and under my eyes two weeks ago. I was a great experience. Dr. Seiger is an amazing, caring, artist. His staff couldn’t be more friendly and comforting. The procedures were almost painless and only took a couple hours. Healing time was quick but the amazing part was when I saw the before and after pictures. I couldn’t believe my eyes and I broke down into tears. I not only looked young again, but I looked better. The fat in my cheeks and the Restaylain under my eyes corrected life long problemes. For the first time in my life, my profile picture looked great. This was one of the best decisions that I have ever made and it was so affordable.”* – Kathy L.

“I recently had a mini face lift, neck lift, laser treatment and the holes in my forehead from a halo brace fixed. Dr. Seiger did a great job. He was very professional and knew exactly what I needed done. The procedures were almost painless and the recovery time was minimal. I’ve had the holes for 25 years, having them fixed was life changing. Everyone tells me how much better/younger I look after everything was done. Him and his staff are fabulous!”* – Kay S.

On 9/26/13 in Fenton MI (I’m 62) I had the 1-1 1/2 hr mini face/neck lift. LOVE IT! Dr. Seiger and Staff are fabulous! friendly, professional, and they put you at ease (if you’re a bit nervous lol) I look and feel soooo much better. No more little jowls or neck wrinkles 🙂 If I ever had to, I would not hesitate to have them do it again, They are wonderful. And true, minimal pain and hardly any bruising at all. Soooo thankful. LOVE THEM ALL!”* – Dani T.

“He is very professional and concerned about the welfare of his patients. The office staff was friendly and made you feel comfortable. The procedure was quick and painless, Recovery was easy and monitored well by the doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Seiger and would go back for additional procedures if I thought it necessary.”* – Andree R.

“The age of 60 is fast approaching.June of 2013.I take care of myself ,very active ,and do my best to keep in shape. I wasn’t satisfied with the way I looked, Even when I wasn’t smiling I had a large amount of wrinkles. II want to look good for my age and NOT look in the mirror and think who is that lady that keeps in shape with so many wrinkles? My surgery was MAY 15th 2013.Everything was throughly explained to me prior to surgery in a previous consultation, I have been going to Dr,Seiger since 1992 for various treatments . The surgery had NO COMPLICATIONS ,I AM VERY HAPPY with the RESULTS.I look younger than my age and my friends have also noticed that my face is much SMOOTHER and I look much more refreshed, DR.SEIGER has a very friendly personality and takes all the time you need answering any questions or concerns you may have. Would recommend him to anyone who inquires.”* – Linda D.

“I don’t go any where else. Staff is friendly and professional. Dr seiger is an artist.”* – Richard C.

“I was recently seen by Dr Eric Seiger at the Skin and Vein Center on Mound for some cosmetic filler in my lips. I was referred to this doctor by my aunt who had a mini lift and other cosmetic procedures done by him last year. I went in feeling nervous but the doctor and staff were very helpful, informative & comforting. (and my lips look great…. I couldn’t be happier) I highly recommend this doctor!”* – Julia W.

“I was nervous coming in to the Skin & Vein Center for the first time for a skin issue, but after experiencing what it was like I would come back any time! Dr. Eric Seiger was very patient and soothing during my stay there, he is very great with his patients!”* – Robert S.

“I found the office staff to be courteous and knowledgable. Dr Seiger was very nice and professional. Discussed all options with me and was very patient.”* – Patrice B.

“I had such a wonderful experience at skin and vein center Dr.Seiger and his staff made me feel so comfortable. I would recommend my family and friends to his office.”* – Amy T.

“From the moment you walk in the door you are greeted by friendly smiles and a warm welcome. There is a little bit of a wait, However Dr. Seiger takes the time to address all of your concerns.”* – Cora G.

“Dr. Eric Seigers staff is very knowledgable about his services and products. I feel that they really took the time to answer all my questions and concerns.”* – Natalie R.

“I went to the Skin & Vein Center and Linda helped with me with my skin problem. She was very welcoming and nice and I had a great experience. I would definitely go back!”* – Jane S.

“The staff at Skin and Vein Center is very friendly. They were helpful in rescheduling my appointment. I am a busy working mother of three and really don’t have much time for doctor appointments. They always have great availability for re-scheduling. I would highly recommend them!”* – Mary Q.

“Dr Seiger and his highly trained team of staff is where I go when I’m looking for information on the latest procedures or products. I can alway get a honest answer and feel safe and secure while in their care, you guys rock!”* – Kath V.

“I had such an awesome experience at Dr. Seigers office at the Skin & Vein Center and would recommend his services for Cosmetic Surgery and Restalyne injections. I’ve been going to his office for over 2 years and he is someone who knows his business and knew exactly what I wanted and delivered!! Anytime I require any work done, I have the utmost confidence in him and his staff.”* – Terry J.

“I highly recommend Dr. Seiger at the Skin & Vein Center. I have seen both Dr. Seiger and Dr. Morrison on many occasions for dermatology issue such as skin issues (excema, acne). My last appointment was for Botox injections. I have had all positive experiences in his office & recommend him highly.”* – Pat B.

“I would highly recommend Dr. Seiger at the Skin & Vein Center. I have taken my teenage boy to his practice for 2 years and have had all positive results. I would recommend this practice highly.”* – Evin L.

“I recieved nothing but the finest care. It was a quick in and out, and the staff was very professional. I would highly recommend this to a friend or family member. God bless this man.”* – Lillian J.

“My experience at The Skin & Vein Center was wonderful from the moment I walked in. Dr Seiger and his staff made me feel very comfortable. I highly recommend this cosmetic surgeon!!”* – Maria F.

“Dr Eric Seiger is a diamond in the rough. The Dr. and his staff at the Skin and Vein Center go far and above to make your experience favorable and memorable. Living in southeast Michigan and finding a Cosmetic Surgeon with his expertise was quite a find! I have received Botox and Restylane injections from Dr. Seiger. He is a national trainer for Botox and Restylane. People! Do not go to your local salon for Botox! You don’t know what your getting, except maybe a cheap price. At the Skin and Vein Center, there always is some kind of promotion for Cosmetic enhancement. There is also an Esthetician who gives fabulous microdermabrasions and chemical peels for a great price. Go visit Dr Seiger and the staff in Garden City, you will be so happy to change your life!”* – Joana M.

“I was in need of skin care products for my face. I saw a sign for Skin & Vein Center on Mound, do I made an appointment. I was seen by Dr. Eric Seiger who suggested some great products. He recommended Image Line, which is great!”* – Mary H.

“Dr Eric Seiger is one of the most compassionate Doctors i’ve ever known, His Cosmetic services are second to none.There Skin care products are some of the best i have used and very reasonable in price…i would definitely give him five stars all the way!!!! great service and great staff!!!highly recommend him.”* – Eva C.

“Loved my eyes after Dr Seiger made me look and feel my age. He was was wonderful to work withand listend to what I was wanting. Staff was out of the world amazing! Thank you so much!”* – Shelia L.

“My experience at Skin & Vein Center was awesome! I saw Dr Seiger for my treatment. He was kind and down to earth. He addressed my concerns and took great care of me. I have no health insurance and found the prices very reasonable. I returned to have cosmetic procedures done and am excited about how that turned out. Dr Seiger is an awesome person!!”* – Daphne P.

“I have visited Dr. Seiger for a mini face lift also had my eyes done and a dermabrasion treatment around my mouth. I am very pleased with the outcome but have to go back for the CO2 lazer treatment because the dermabrasion did not work for me. I have very deep wrinkles around my mouth and above the nose area looks great, so why stop now get the whole package and the pricing for this type of treatment is affortable!! The staff is wonderful and they show compasion and are very professional. Would I recommand Dr. Seiger? Absolutely! he is wonderful!!!”* – Layla J.

“dr seiger is the best thing that ever came into my life. i am 80 years old and everyone takes me for early 60s if that isn’t amazing, i don’t know what is. He is compassionate creative and skilled. Im am grateful to have him around as my cosmetic surgeon.”* – Martha S

“I absolutely love Dr. Seiger. He has a very caring manner towards patients and will help you stay at ease even through the apprehension of cosmetic surgery. I found myself nervous when the actual surgery time came and he and his assistant helped to put me at ease with their wonderful caring manner and engaging me in conversation during the procedure. The results are wonderful. He successfully diminished my dark circles when he did my mini-lift and made me feel 15 years younger. People tell me I look great. I have great genes but I know that Dr. Seiger deserves much credit too. I wish I was friends with Joan Rivers because I would tell her where she could get herself treated properly. Do not hesitate to go to Skin and Vein Centers for whatever you are looking for cosmetically. They are wonderful there!”* – Thomas E.

“I have been to many dermatologists and found it to be up to standards medically. Nothing special or lacking either way. What I really thought was exceptional was Dr. Seiger’s approach to my problem. He recognized it wasn’t “only skin deep” and he even TOOK THE TIME TO LISTEN TO ME!!! I recommended him to my girlfriend and she has since recommended him to others. There are many doctors there working for him, so you have to specify you want Dr. Seiger only.”* – Lori M.

“Dr. Seiger is an excellent doctor who takes great pride in his plastic surgery. I could not be more pleased. My friends compliment me on the results.”* – Kathy J.

*Individual Results May Vary