Tattoo Removal from Skin and Vein

We’ve come a long way from the days when only bad boys and sailors sported tattoos. Today even your great grandma may have a dolphin on her ankle or a heart on her wrist. Tattoos have become mainstream in the last couple of decades, but that doesn’t mean there won’t ever be a reason to have yours removed. Not every person manning the gun is an artist, and not every decision made while under the influence is a good one; sometimes our tattoos are poorly drawn, or worse, are in poor taste. Those poor choices are not meant to stay there forever! Today, tattoo removal is relatively easy and performed right here at the Skin & Vein Center.

Ahead of the Times

Historically, the tattoo was meant to be permanent, but we have been seeking ways of removing the ink from our skin for years. Before lasers, our only choices were a variety of lotions and creams that promised to fade what was on our skin and then never did. We, however, got in on the ground floor of tattoo removal, and for over 25 years, we have been the top choice in this practice. Using different lasers, with PicoSure being the most successful, we allow our clients to walk away with their biggest mistakes erased thanks to tattoo removal in Michigan.

Reasonably Priced Tattoo Removal in Michigan

The use of laser technology has been a boon for all cosmetic procedures, lessening pain and reducing recovery time as well as virtually eliminating any of the bad side affects that can accompany surgical procedures. When it comes to tattoo removal, the use of lasers is virtually the only way to do so, and because we know you’ve already paid for your mistake, we try to keep the prices low! Starting at $89 and reaching prices of up to $790 per session for the larger tattoos, the use of premium lasers combined with our experience in tattoo removal allows you to save even more. Only half the number of sessions is needed in comparison to other removal procedures!

Erasing Your Mistakes is Easy and Affordable

There’s no need to live with that horrible tattoo any longer. Give the Skin & Vein Center a call today and schedule your free consultation and close the book on this chapter of your life’s journey with tattoo removal in Michigan!

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