Spider Veins Under 18 Years Old

Spider veins are the blue, purple, or reddish damaged veins that are visible just below the skin’s surface. They can be found almost anywhere on the body but tend to show up on the legs, the feet and ankles and on the face more often than elsewhere. While spider veins are most common and more severe with patients in their older age, people of all ages may develop spider veins. Even teenagers may experience spider veins as they grow and their bodies change and adapt to stress.

What Can Cause Early Onset Spider Veins

It’s important to realize that spider veins and varicose veins are largely hereditary, so if your mother or grandmother or grandfather had spider veins, you’re more prone to developing them yourself, even at a younger age. Even if you’re a teenager and have a job that requires many hours of sitting down or standing up, or if you’re pregnant or have been pregnant, that added pressure on your legs may cause spider veins to develop. Shifts in hormones might also contribute to the development of spider veins and the teenage years are years in which hormonal changes are high. Fluctuations in weight may also cause spider veins to appear so as teens grow and gain weight or lose weight quickly, it may contribute to spider vein development as well.

Treatment for Spider Veins Under 18

Though technically speaking, spider veins can develop even early in the teenage years, especially if hereditary, careful consideration should occur before seeking any treatment or removal of the damaged veins until the patient is at least 18 years of age.

For complete removal of the damaged veins, sclerotherapy may be a good option for a teenager struggling with spider veins. Sclerotherapy uses an FDA approved sclerosing agent which, when injected into the damaged veins, irritates and inflames the damaged vein which then leads to clotting and a complete closure of the vein. As the damaged veins are closed, the appearance of spider veins, other vascular blemishes, and broken blood vessels become significantly less visible if not entirely invisible.

If you’re spider veins, or your teen’s spider veins, are causing a real problem with self-esteem or you’re worried about them developing further, you may want to consult with a professional vein specialist who can help you treat the spider veins effectively contact us at the Skin & Vein center to learn more about your options.

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