Smartlipo procedure at The Skin and Vein Center


The Skin and Vein Center is proud to offer Smartlipo procedures to individuals who want to trim the fat in stubborn areas – but also have a hard time doing so with diet and exercise alone. Interested readers, however, may want to know what the difference between regular lipo and Smartlipo is.

The Difference

Smartlipo can be considered a much smarter way to undergo and perform the technique. It uses the assistance of laser to break up fat, so that removal is far easier, and damage to the surrounding tissue will be less likely.

Smartlipo is also known as laser assisted lipo. It is approved by the FDA, and it’s the first laser assisted lipo of its kind to be authorized for the purposes of fat removal.

Benefits of the Smartlipo Procedure

  • Option for Tummy Tuck Seekers – if you’re a new mom or have had a bulge around your tummy for as long as you can remember, then Smartlipo is a great alternative to invasive tummy tucks. It does the job of suctioning the fat in the specific ab region. Furthermore, Smartlipo will tighten and tone the skin.
  • It’s Done In-Office – there are no added fees for hospital overnight stays or other surcharges.
  • It’s Safe and Effective – since more advanced methods, inclusive of laser assistance, is used to perform the technique. In addition, local anesthetic is used compared to general anesthesia. The downtime is also minimal since most clients can return to work or resume regular activities within a day or two! In numerous studies, there have been less side effects with laser assisted lipo or Smartlipo.

At the Skin and Vein Center, customers will have peace of mind knowing that they’re in safe hands with one of the top liposurgeons in the region.

How It’s Done

Earlier we mentioned that the Smartlipo procedure breaks the fat down using laser technology. To be even more specific, the laser liquefies the fat.

Next, small microcannulas are used to remove or suction this unwanted fat, and the results appear immediately – this is another great benefit!

Smartlipo can also be applied to a range of areas, including the chin, arms, thighs, stomach, flanks and other trouble spots.


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