Skin Checks Can Be Good For Your Marriage As Well As Your Health

Checking your skin for any new moles, irregularities or unusual spots is important in detecting skin cancer early before any skin problems become worse. It can be hard to check those hard to reach and even harder to see areas of the body without a little help however, and most people only visit their dermatologist every several months at most, which is why it’s especially helpful to have a close family member or partner check your skin thoroughly for you.

Skin cancer continues to be the leading form of new cancers that are diagnosed each year within the United States with melanoma leading as the most deadly form of skin cancer. People who have previously been diagnosed with skin cancer in the form of melanoma are actually 10 times more likely to develop melanoma again in the future than those who haven’t previously been diagnosed.

Now there’s an additional reason to have your skin checked thoroughly and regularly: research shows that having your skin checked by your partner can aid in building a stronger, deeper relationship. According to a recent study headed up by author Dr. June Robinson who is a research professor of Dermatology at Northwestern University in the Feinbery School of Medicine, partners who engage in regular skin checks with each other, “…were empowered by a desire to help their friend or partner and have a good time with them.”

The study included almost 500 survivors of melanoma and their partners who check their skin. The family members, spouses or friends who were relied upon to check for suspicious moles and spots were trained on what to look for and how to assess moles properly. The training improved confidence in those examining the skin and the bond between the skin checker and the patient grew with trust and time spent together as one served another and the other relied upon their help. Both marriages and friendships were improved and some checkers even spotted new melanoma growth during their regular checkups.

Regular checkups are so key to beating skin cancer. Early detection is crucial to help stop the spread of melanoma which is why dermatologists not only urge regular checkups in their offices, but regular checkups at home as well. If you’re concerned about a mole or other skin irritation or irregularity, contact the Skin & Vein center for professional help and a full examination as soon as possible.

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