Skin Care Myths You Should Stop Believing

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With so much advice circulating on how to protect, cleanse, heal and rejuvenate skin, it can be confusing as to which procedures are worth the effort and which skin care practices are actually not effective or are downright dangerous. Though it’s no secret that taking care of your skin will not only make you look younger throughout the years but will also help you prevent serious skin conditions, here are some of the skin care myths that you should stop believing altogether:

Scrubbing Your Face With Soap Will Prevent Acne

The act of scrubbing your face can actually strip your face of its naturally occurring protective, moisturizing oils and lead to rashes. Instead of using a harsh bar of soap and going to town scrubbing in an effort to cleanse, opt for a gentle cleanser and follow it up with moisturizer and sunscreen.

Higher SPFs Offer More Protection

There are three types of ultraviolet rays; UVA, UVB and UVC. UVA rays penetrate the skin deeply and as they do so, they alter the skin’s pigmentation and instigate a tan. UVB rays are primarily responsible for sunburns and they can damage the skin’s DNA. UVB rays are those which cause pigment changes, carcinomas and photoaging. UVC rays are absorbed by the atmosphere and don’t even affect the skin. Look for an SPF of at least 15 but particularly one that protects against both UVA and UVB rays and contains active ingredients such as mexoryl, avobenzone or oxybenzone.

Sunscreen Isn’t Necessary On A Cloudy Day

This myth is probably responsible for countless cases of significant sun damage. Even on cloudy days, UV radiation from the sun can affect the skin. To be truly affective, sunscreen should be worn regularly, even on cloudy days, as long as you’re outdoors and it’s daylight outside.

Makeup With SPF is Sufficient

Many liquid foundations and powders come with SPF inside of the makeup. Dermatologists stress that this small amount of protection that may be included in wearing a liquid foundation with SPF included is hardly sufficient. It’s important to wear sunscreen in addition to any makeup you might wear to truly protect your skin.

Expensive Skin Care Is the Most Effective

It would seem that skin care products with a heftier price tag must be more expensive simply because they’re more effective, but by and large, this simply isn’t the case. Most skin care products contain the same active ingredients. Some people prefer to go with skin care products that smell particularly appealing or are extra soft to the touch, but chances are, they won’t be any more effective at moisturizing than a simple drugstore option.

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