Safety Guidelines & Tips for COVID-19 in Michigan

We are in unprecedented times as COVID-19 sweeps across the country. While this virus can be deadly to some and should not be taken lightly, it can be prevented by following simple guidelines set about by the state. At the Skin & Vein Center we want to make sure all of our current and future clients are kept safe. Take a look at some safety guidelines and tips on how you can deal with the breakout of COVID-19 in Michigan:

Follow Michigan’s Stay at Home Order

For the state of Michigan, Governor Whitmer has officially signed and put into place a stay-at-home order. The “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order is officially suspending the operation of any businesses that are deemed non-essential for at least three weeks. This type of order will keep open essential businesses during this time, which can include grocery stores, restaurants offering takeout orders, pharmacies, and hospitals. Other businesses that take aggressive steps to halt the spread of COVID-19 by working from home or limiting the number of onsite works can also stay open. Obviously, this is an ongoing situation and may change at any given time. Make sure you stay up to date by following along with any government mandates that occur at this time.

How to Stop COVID-19 From Spreading

You can avoid coming down with COVID-19 by maintaining your cleanliness and staying indoors. As mentioned, the governor of Michigan has mandated a stay-at-home order. This is not done to just restrict what businesses you can visit; it is made to restrict what you come into contact with. COVID-19 may stick on surfaces for anywhere from a few hours up to a couple of days. Make sure you frequently wash your hands after being out in public. The current CDC recommendation is to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. Also make sure frequently visited areas in your home such as the kitchen and bathroom are frequently cleaned. Cleaning supplies have been sold out in most stores for days now. If you are without cleaning supplies, you can make your own. Fill up spray bottles with rubbing alcohol that is slightly diluted with water (the mixture needs to be at least 70% rubbing alcohol to effectively kill the COVID-19 virus). Hydrogen peroxide can also be used if you do not have any rubbing alcohol.

Another great way to avoid coming into contact with the COVID-19 virus is by following the social distancing recommendations made by the CDC. For those unaware, remaining socially distant is to remain six feet or more away from other people. Maintaining this distance help you avoid coughs or sneezes from those with COVID-19. All individuals should stay away from groups of 10 people or more. If you work in an essential business, make sure you stay home if you start to feel sick to prevent anyone else from catching your illness.

Understand Who is at the Greatest Risk

Individuals who are over the age of 50 and have preexisting medical conditions are the ones who are at the greatest risk from COVID-19. Please limit contact with older individuals, especially if you believe you are getting sick or have come into contact with COVID-19.

Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Others

COVID-19 can seem like a scary virus, but we can all do our part to make our community as strong as ever. This can start with what you purchase from the grocery. Many items may already be sold out or available in limited quantities such as milk, bread, eggs, pasta, and rice. Make sure you only purchase what you need as other families are also looking to have enough food for their home. There can always be someone who needs that item of food even more than you do. By sticking together, we can weather COVID-19 and show the country what Michigan is made of.

Continue to Support Local Businesses

As mentioned, many local businesses will still be open during the COVID-19 outbreak. These businesses can include your favorite locally-owned restaurants. These types of businesses depend on frequent traffic to stay open. Make sure if you are looking to order delivery or takeout you pick from locally-owned restaurants. Denton and Sterling Heights have so many local restaurants to choose from you will not have an issue with enjoying a good meal during this time! The same can also be said for local breweries and beer and wine shops looking to supply you with your favorite adult beverage. Find your frequented tap room and see if they are offering to-go purchases or delivery, as many are doing just that.

Let the Skin & Vein Center Help You

Once the COVID-19 in Michigan crisis is over, we will able to take care of your cosmetic needs once again. Please let us know if you have any questions about possible treatment options and if you have any questions on how we can make it through COVID-19 together. Contact us now!

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