Reasons For Modern Tattoo Removal

The removal of tattoos has become almost as popular as getting them in the first place. Tattoos, which were once something you only saw on the especially rebellious, have become quite common place over the last decade or so, but as time goes on, many of those who eagerly got a tattoo in the first place have come to regret their decision and look into modern laser tattoo removal services to undo what they now consider a mistake. Some of the top reasons people cite for getting a tattoo permanently removed include the following:


One of the biggest reasons people seek tattoo removal is simply because they’ve matured and what they once saw as cool and exciting has become silly and embarrassing. This is often the case with many of the things we decide to do or engage in when we’re young that we change our minds about once we put some years behind us.

Career Ambitions

Although tattoos have become quite common place in today’s society, there are still those who consider them a less than professional representation of self. Many people who are looking to advance their careers and create a more professional image have their tattoos removed to be taken more seriously.

Poor Quality of Tattoo

Tattoos can be quite expensive and often when the decision comes to have one done, a more budget-friendly tattoo artist is chosen to do the job. The result is often disappointing and many people choose to seek tattoo removal simply because the tattoo wasn’t done very well in the first place. Perhaps a word was misspelled or an image ended up unrecognizable or it simply didn’t convey the message you’d pictured in your head when you sought to have it done.

Change in Relationship Status

Breakups in all their forms are a very common reason to seek laser tattoo removal. If you’ve tattooed a special someone’s name on your body and they cease to become all that special, chances are you’d rather not be reminded of the breakup every time you look in the mirror.

Modern laser procedures in the tattoo removal industry have made it easier than ever to have tattoos permanently removed. Even those tattoos that cover a large area or are rich in color can be completely removed with today’s technologies. Advanced lasers are aimed at the tattoo pigment to break it up in a series of sessions which disintegrate the ink particles until the tattoo has completely disappeared.

Depending on the size, location and pigments used in the tattoo, the number of removal sessions will vary. The first step is to schedule a consultation with the Skin & Vein Center so you can move toward freedom from your unwanted tattoo for good!


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