Protecting Your Skin This Winter

Just like that summer has passed us by and winter is just around the corner. While we may enjoy the cooler temperatures the holiday cheer that comes with the season, our skin may have a difficult time during the winter. Keep your skin protected this winter with several easy tips that will help with skin protection from becoming dry, itchy, and irritated.

Run a Humidifier

While the air might be cold and dry outside, it can be especially dry inside our homes. Invest in a humidifier in your home or workspace to assist in keeping your skin hydrated. We recommend keeping the humidifier in rooms you are in most of the time, such as your bedroom.

Keep Your Thermostat Lower

The cold temperatures are just begging us to turn up the heat in our homes. However, doing so can cause the air in your house to become even drier. Try to maintain a cooler temperature in your home instead to maintain healthier skin. High 60s to low 70s is a comparable temperature that will leave you comfortable without drying out your skin even further; you can always cover up with a warm blanket!

Change Up Your Skin Care Line

Several cleansers and toners can contain alcohol that will dry your skin out during the winter season. Find another skin care product that avoids astringents and any fragrances. Our lips get just as dried and chapped, so keeping lip balm on you will help keep this at bay.

Eat Healthy to Stay Hydrated

The winter season brings about Thanksgiving and Christmas which come with all of our favorite treats. Make sure to maintain a healthy diet throughout the rest of the winter season that is rich in omega fatty acids. These supplements can help with our skin hydration during the cooler months.

Wear Sunscreen for Skin Protection

Winter usually brings out several days of dreary clouds. While we may think our skin is safe from UV rays during this time, you are just as susceptible. Make sure to apply sunscreen when spending long periods of time outdoors, especially when there is snow out. Snow can reflect the sun’s rays and damage your skin if left unprotected.

Skin Care All Year Long

If you need a little help on keeping your skin healthy throughout the year, make sure to visit the Skin & Vein Center for all your skin protection needs. Our trained technicians will help you keep your skin as healthy as possible no matter the time of year. Call today for your no obligation consultation and see what skincare treatments we can offer you!

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