Post Pregnancy Skin Issues: How We Can Get Your Body Back to Normal

Having a baby is a beautiful process. You are bringing a new life into this world. This process is amazing, but it can leave your body in a pretty rough condition post-delivery. This can include some pretty mild skin conditions to harsh tearing and even vein issues. In an effort to help our new mothers recover their pre-baby body, here are some procedures that can help recover the old you.

Facial Spider Vein Treatment

Your body goes through a lot of stress while you are pregnant, and that stress doubles while you are delivering your baby. One of the side effects of pregnancy is facial spider veins. Pregnancy and birth increase your blood circulation and increase hormone levels. Increasing both of these will lead to the highlighting of facial spider veins in a spider life effect. You will begin to see small reddish blood vessels branching out around your face, neck and upper body. These are most common around the nostrils and cheeks on your face. Most women may see these diminish over the next six months post pregnancy, but many will never see them fade. We can help you eliminate these facial spider veins through vein treatment to make sure we restore your prior glow.

Acne Scars

When you are pregnant, hormones run wild through your system. For some, this means an onset of hormonal acne. Many women will only see a slight increase in acne, but for others prone to acne, this could result in harsh acne and scarring. Normally, the hormonal acne will disappear within a few months, but it can leave behind harsh acne scars. Our office can treat these acne scars through a number of different skin treatments to give you that glow you are looking for.


Otherwise known as the mask of pregnancy, pigment typically will collect around the cheeks, forehead, eyes, and sometimes around the mouth while you are pregnant. This is normally caused by UV exposure, genetics, and elevated estrogen and progesterone levels. These combine to create a darkening of the skin on lighter toned faces and lighter patches in the darker skinned. While some of the melasma will fade post-delivery, the discoloration never completely goes away. You can start by applying sun screen frequently, but we recommend an office visit for a chemical peel. The chemical peel that we use will slow down pigment producing cells while also encouraging surface pigment to peel away.

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