Post Blepharoplasty Michigan (Eyelid Surgery) Care

They say that the eyes are the windows to your soul, but the philosophers never mention that they are also the first spot on your body that begins to show your age. Fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and eyelids that droop and sag all combine to scream that you aren’t 25 anymore. Fortunately, there are procedures that help to not just stop time, but also to turn back the hands of time. Eyelid surgery is the most popular, a fact that you’re probably already aware of. If you have been considering stopping Father Time’s mark on your face, it’s more than likely that you have a few questions about what happens after you have the surgery, so we have created this article about post eyelid surgery care to help answer any questions you may have.

What to Expect After Your Blepharoplasty Michigan (Eyelid Surgery)

As with any surgical procedure, you can expect that there will be some side effects, and eyelid surgery is no different. Mostly performed as an outpatient procedure, there will be some redness, swelling, and dry spots around the eyelid. Excessive tearing, blurry vision, and sensitivity to light can be expected after blepharoplasty Michigan as well, but all these symptoms are only temporary and will dissipate and disappear with time. There will also be pain in the eyes, but we like to keep our patients as comfortable as possible, so over the counter pain relievers can be taken. In the worst-case scenario, we may prescribe prescription pain pills. Cold compresses will help, as will the eye drops you will need to use to keep the eyes lubricated.

What Not to do After Eyelid Surgery

Dry eyes will be a problem for at least the first 10 days, so we recommend not watching television and staying off the computer and away from the games on your cell phone during this period. You’re also going to have stick with your glasses during this time; contacts are notorious for drying your eyes during normal life activities, and that increases after eyelid surgery. Stay away from the gym and any extra-curricular physical activities for the first couple of weeks, take lots of naps, and wear extra dark sunglasses when outside in the sun.

Extended Recovery Period

The first few weeks after your blepharoplasty Michigan will be the worst. Your stitches will be taken out in about a day, but everything else will take much longer. Depending on your occupation, you should be able to return to work in about 10 days, but the total, the recovery period can last weeks. It will most definitely be worth it in the end, but you may feel some depression in the first couple of weeks.

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