PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal

An In-Depth Look at PicoSure Tattoo RemovalTattoo studio

PicoSure as a cosmetic procedure is revolutionizing the tattoo removal procedures industry. In the traditional methods of laser tattoo removal, heat is applied to break down the ink particles, and this is otherwise known as the Q-switched laser method. With PicoSure, energy pulses are delivered faster than a nanosecond. If you’re like most of us, math is complicated, but a nanosecond is superfast. But, there’s an even faster unit of time – the picosecond, and hence the name: PicoSure.

How Does Tattoo Removal Work?

In this type of tattoo removal process, the energy pulses used are faster and more effective for breaking down complex ink particles. Here’s more about how it’s done:

We’ve established that PicoSure is a faster and more effective way for removing tattoos, compared to the already advanced methods of laser technology. This hybrid however, requires less sessions due to its efficiency at breaking down the ink to dust-sized levels, and it can be completed in as little as four treatments, depending on the size and range of your tattoo. Compare this to 10-20 sessions, which isn’t only longer, it becomes more expensive.

PicoSure Tattoo Removal Side Effects

With PicoSure, you can expect less side effects and recovery times. The chance of scarring is fairly minimal compared to other tattoo removal methods, however hyperpigmentation and swelling may occur, which will fade over time.

PicoSure Cost

The cost of PicoSure is influenced by the size of the tattoo and the types of ink used. An initial consultation will usually be offered by the provider, after which time cost is determined. While most insurance plans won’t cover the cost of tattoo removal services, many cosmetic treatment centers partner with CareCredit to offer flexible payment options.

Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare

After PicoSure, doctors will advise patients to stay out of the sun to prevent sunburn.

The Skin and Vein Center is an authorized provider of PicoSure treatments. Dr. Seiger is a reputable dermatologist at our center, who takes pride in giving his patients renewed hope and purpose following a tattoo removal.

Perhaps you want to score a better chance at a dream job, but your tattoo is getting in the way. May be you want to break free from memories of a bad relationship, and your tattoo permanently reminds you of this experience. Regardless of your reasons for wanting to take out your ink, we can help, professionally and affordably.

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