Picosure Laser Tattoo Removal – What Makes it the Best?

If you are one of the many who have gotten a terrible tattoo at some point in your life, you are probably looking on the best way to get rid of it. There are a variety of tattoo removal techniques, but Picosure laser tattoo removal is the best around. Picosure is a recently developed laser tattoo removal procedure that can make your previous permanent mistakes go away. Here is how Picosure laser tattoo removal works and why it is considered the best in the industry:

How Picosure Works

Picosure and other laser tattoo removal procedures all work the same: They use a laser that emits wavelengths that break down tattoo ink particles in your skin, allowing them to be absorbed into the body. Most tattoo removal procedures require numerous follow-up treatments to completely get rid of your tattoo. Picosure works even better by using a laser that fires much faster than other lasers on the market. This causes the ink particles to break down even smaller, allowing the body to easily absorb them. Picosure works so well that it often works in half the time of other laser tattoo removal treatments.

Expectations with Picosure

Laser tattoo removal treatments with Picosure may not be the most pleasant experience, but our patients claim that the procedure is far more comfortable than getting a tattoo itself. Picosure also uses a pressure wave energy that has a far lesser chance of damaging the skin around the treated area than other laser tattoo removal procedures.

Results from Picosure

For incredible results, Picosure laser tattoo removal does not disappoint. As mentioned, this procedure allows our technicians to completely remove your tattoo in half the time of other procedures. In addition, the pressure wave energy allows follow-up treatments to be done in less time and can easily remove colored inks that were once extremely difficult to get rid of. Your skin will be looking and feeling great after completing your full round of Picosure treatments.

Picosure Laser Tattoo Removal at the Skin & Vein Center

If you are ready to get rid of that ghastly tattoo from your youth, make sure you choose the Skin & Vein Center. We offer Picosure laser tattoo removal for a safe and effective experience, all from the trusted hands of our staff. Call today for your no obligation consultation and see if you are a candidate for Picosure laser tattoo removal.

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