Permanent Tattoo Removal With PicoSure

Picosure at Skin and Vein Center Michigan

Tattoos have become somewhat commonplace over the last decade or so with people of all ages and backgrounds showcasing small hidden tattoos as well as full body tattoos in multiple colors. Though thousands of people continue to seek new tattoos each year, nearly as many look toward permanent tattoo removal services to remove the tattoo that they once enjoyed. The tattoo removal process has become more advanced in recent years resulting in very safe and effective removals that are even better able to remove the more difficult ink colors that were harder to erase in years past. Even tattoos that may have been previously treated in tattoo removal procedures and weren’t completely removed can be treated again with the advanced PicoSure laser tattoo removal method.

PicoSure is an advanced laser procedure that targets and disrupts the ink particles of the unwanted tattoo, breaking them up where they are then absorbed by the body naturally and eliminated for good. PicoSure is especially adept at removing stubborn green and blue pigmented ink which have been very difficult to remove with more traditional tattoo removal methods. Most PicoSure tattoo removal treatments result in complete removal with next to no trace of the former tattoo whatsoever.

Generally speaking, nearly every tattoo removal patient can expect to undergo several tattoo removal sessions in total to fully remove even smaller tattoos. The PicoSure procedure offers better results in nearly half the number of treatments which results in fewer payments and much faster recovery times. The size of the tattoo requiring removal will determine how many treatments are needed and how long each session will last. Small tattoos can be treated in just a few minutes per session and each treatment occurs about every five to six weeks to allow the ink particles to fully break down in between sessions.

Those who are interested in undergoing PicoSure laser tattoo removal should begin with scheduling an initial consultation with a doctor who is experienced in performing this procedure and can advise them appropriately. Your doctor will examine your tattoo and ask appropriate health-related questions to determine how many treatments are required for full removal and what kind of costs you can expect to pay for the service.

The PicoSure laser tattoo removal technology is quickly growing in popularity because of its quick, effective results and relatively short recovery times. The PicoSure method can help you be rid of your unwanted tattoo once and for all.

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