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Warts; they’re unsightly, and can be contagious. It’s no wonder no one likes them! Even so, it can be tempting to avoid visiting a doctor for something that isn’t usually dangerous. There are home remedies using natural ingredients you can use to tackle these nasty growths—but consider that many of these are not medically tested. Read and discover for yourself how to treat warts naturally or with medical treatments.


Create a paste of fresh garlic and water, apply the paste to the wart, and stick a bandage on top of it. Reapply every few hours. Some people swear by this method.


A centuries-old natural wart remedy is that rubbing the inside of a raw potato against the wart will help get rid of it. This could be worth trying since it can’t hurt. But, it’s not something a qualified doctor will usually recommend.

Crush a Vitamin C or Aspirin Tablet

These work as weaker forms of the common, but more abrasive, salicylic acid treatment. You crush up a tablet of either vitamin C or aspirin and add enough moisture to make a paste. Then, you apply the paste to the wart and cover it with a bandage. Some prefer to wear these bandages overnight, while others recommend applying it regularly throughout the day until the wart is gone.


Slather honey on the wart. Cover the wart in about a teaspoon of raw honey, applying with a bandage. Leave it for 24 hours. The idea is that the honey will deprive the wart of oxygen, much like duct tape treatments are assumed to work. While some recommend the type of honey with the strongest antibacterial properties, remember that warts are viral and so this natural wart treatment will not address their cause.

A “Smoke Box”

To do this, you’ll need the leaves of the populus euphratica tree and space outdoors for a safe fire. You burn the poplar leaves for a few minutes, then cover them to snuff out the fire before placing the hands (or feet, for plantar warts) a half-foot above the smoldering leaves, waiting about 15 minutes. For many, this has proven to be as effective as cryotherapy. However, whether or not it works for as many people is up for debate.

How to Treat Warts Naturally

Warts are notoriously stubborn, so if none of these natural remedies for warts work, come talk to Dr. Seiger. He’s seen plenty of warts over the years, and has plenty of techniques and back-up techniques to keep your skin bump-free. Call us at 800-400-8346 to set up an appointment and get rid of your warts!

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