MiraDry is for Everyone! It’s a Lifestyle Choice!

MiraDry is more popularly known for use in patients that have hyperhidrosis. This condition is synonymous with excessive sweating of the underarms.

But did you know that MiraDry isn’t just for people with hyperhidrosis? It can be used as a lifestyle choice. This simply means that you can use MiraDry to get rid of sweat glands.

Just About Everyone Can Adapt This Treatment – With Tremendous Benefits:

MiraDry works by delivering precise doses of energy to the armpit area, without any discomfort to the patient. The procedure is approved by the FDA, and patients love it because it doesn’t include any long and painful surgeries or recovery time. In fact, patients can resume the routine within the same day of treatment.

In addition, MiraDry is relatively low-cost, and it there are no cuts or incisions to contend with.

How It Works

When the energy is delivered to the underarm area, and with the expertise of a surgeon, the sweat glands area are eliminated permanently. Many reviews also describe that other subsidiary benefits, besides those described in this article, include less hair growth and odor, which is good news for patients who are now choosing MiraDry as a lifestyle choice.

How Much Sweat is Reduced?

Patients can expect a decrease in their average daily sweat, by up to 82%. Therefore, even if you aren’t a heavy sweater, but you spend a great deal of time being physically active, and you’d like to feel and stay fresh – MiraDry is the clear choice!

Benefits for Choosing MiraDry as Lifestyle Choice:

Save money and time from having to apply one extra step to your daily routine. When MiraDry is chosen, there’s no need to use deodorant as much.

Save your clothes. You know those nasty stains deodorant and sweat leave behind? This will be a non-issue after MiraDry treatments. Imagine skipping that extra step to remove stains on laundry day!

The Skin and Vein Center offers new and effective MiraDry treatments for individuals with hyperhidrosis, as well as others who would like to opt for less sweat.


Now for a limited time only, patients can stop sweating fast and permanently for only $1500. The procedure is done in our office, with no extra surcharges from hospital fees.

Don’t Wait – Make It An Easy Lifestyle!

To learn more about MiraDry, call the Skin and Vein Center today at 800-400-Vein.

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