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How Safe is Liposuction in Michigan?

Liposuction, and the techniques used, have changed drastically since their inception in the marketplace nearly two decades ago. As with all new revolutionary techniques, improvements have been made with the tools and methodologies along the way.

Today, liposuction is approved by the FDA, and its safety rates are impressive, based on client reviews and studies carried out by several credible health boards. While how to lose fat the right way is still highly debated, and while many still ask “Is laser liposuction safe AND effective,” many experts agree that the safety of this technique hinges on a few factors like:

1. The Surgeon’s Experience: At the Skin & Vein Liposuction Center in Michigan, patients can feel confident knowing they’re in good hands with a surgeon that has worked in the field for several years. Dr. Seiger has hands-on experience transforming bodies and lives, and he has a passion for seeing his patients leave the doors of our center – all smiles. Dr. Seiger has also received stellar ratings, but beyond the headlines, our track record speaks for itself.

2. The Techniques Used: In addition to choosing tumescent techniques compared to traditional liposuction where general anesthesia is used, during tumescent techniques you will remain awake during the entire liposuction procedure. We also throw into the mix FDA-approved laser technology, which ultimately helps to break down fat faster. This allows us to work methodologically to suction the fat while toning the area. Patients also experience less downtime as a result.

3. The Tools Used: We use minuscule tools, including microcannulas measuring roughly the size of a ballpoint pen tip to suction the fat. These make the risk of scarring less. The laser tip is also introduced in the same equipment as a reputable hybrid for laser lipo, proving to be more efficient for surgeons, and more convenient for patients.

4. The Volume of Fat Taken Out:We adhere to strict recommendations that no more than 3-4 pounds of fat be taken out in each target zone, per session, for added patient’s safety.

So Is Liposuction Safe?

So you want to know, is liposuction safe? Here at the Skin & Vein Liposuction Center in Michigan, it is very safe. After all, hospitalizations and blood transfusions are never required and we have an excellent track record of safety and success for liposuction techniques, with no patients experiencing severe complications. We take patient care seriously, conducting before and aftercare, to ensure your satisfaction.

To get started with transforming your life, and image, contact us at the Skin & Vein Center, and schedule your liposuction in Michigan procedure today!

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