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Tips for Post Liposuction Recovery

What can you expect after liposuction surgery, and particularly after undergoing the technique at the Skin & Vein Center?

We are confident when we tell you that our methods are safe. Best of all, you will see instant results after your liposuction surgery. Here are some additional details regarding what to expect after lipo surgery at our center:

Recovery After Liposuction

Post Liposuction Recovery

Tumescent techniques are used instead of general anesthesia. This is very important to point out, because it’s considered to be a generally safe way to numb target zones and perform liposuction. In addition, rather than putting patients to sleep, you will remain awake and aware, also being able to shift if the surgeon needs you to.

As a result of this step, there is not a great deal of post liposuction recovery involved. The groggy feelings you would characteristically experience with general anesthesia isn’t the case with tumescent techniques.

Supporting Garments

You can expect to wear specific compression garments like Spanx, which reduce lipo swelling, as well as aid in sculpting. These can usually be used for just one day, but it is recommended for support following two to three weeks after the procedure is performed.

Resuming the Regular Routine

How soon can you get back to business, or your daily life? You can expect to get back to this routine within days after your liposuction surgery, and no more than one week’s downtime. This varies by the area targeted, as well as several other variables.

Follow-Up Instructions for Post Liposuction Surgery

Your surgeon may prescribe pain medicines that help with discomfort in the hours of post liposuction surgery. In addition, specific aftercare instructions will be handed to you, and if you have any questions or concerns, our staff will be happy to answer them.


We recommend not drinking or smoking before and after the technique to expedite recovery after liposuction. This is standard for just about any medical procedure performed.

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