Laser Treatments vs Microneedling

When it comes to skin treatments, laser treatments and microneedling are some of the most popular options currently available. However, these two treatments could not be more different. Here are comparisons between laser treatments and microneedling:

How They Work

One of the biggest differences between laser treatments and microneedling is how the treatments are administered. Laser treatments expose your skin to light energy without damaging any of the surrounding tissue. Lasers are often used to treat spots on the skin or broken veins. Microneedling is the complete opposite; it creates microscopic, controlled injuries to your skin to force the tissue to heal. As the skin is forced to heal, it will generate collagen to help your skin feel great.

Post Treatment

Laser treatments can be a less effective option if your skin is prone to bruising or swelling. These uncommon side effects are rarely seen, but can increase recovery time following the treatment. By consulting with your physician, you can preemptively work around these uncommon risks. Microneedling has a quick recovery time with even less risk for side effects. Your skin may appear to be sunburned for the first few days, but this will quickly fade.

The Results

Laser treatments provide more dramatic results and can treat a wide array of skin conditions, including veins, age spots, birth marks, and more. You will see results quickly, with treatments only needed as often as you would like. Microneedling results are subtler and require several treatments to begin noticing the results that you want. Microneedling is also unable to treat as many skin conditions as laser treatments. If you have a skin condition that may flare up with laser treatments, then microneedling may be for you.

Recent Developments

Microneedling has recently been combined with platelet rich plasma therapy to help speed up recovery times. Plasma is separated from the red blood cells and injected into your treatment to help with the growth factors. This recent combination helps provide incredible results.

Choosing the Skin & Vein Center

Call us today to schedule your free consultation on how our skin treatments can help treat a variety of skin conditions. No single treatment works for everyone, so let our team help you pick the best one for you. Call today to see how laser treatments and microneedling can help you.

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