Laser Hair Removal Facts & Myths

Similar to many other cosmetic procedures, there are many myths that get spread around about laser hair removal. While this procedure has been utilized for years with great success, there will still be those who wish to believe otherwise. Let us break down some of the laser hair removal myths and facts that have been around:

Myth: Laser Hair Removal Causes Cancer

This myth possibly started due to the inconsequential amount of radiation that laser hair removal can entail. However, the amount is so small that there is zero chance that laser hair removal can cause cancer. In fact, laser energy is also used to treat a variety of skin conditions, including minor forms of skin cancer.

Myth: Laser Hair Removal Causes Infertility

Another false claim regarding laser hair removal is that it can cause infertility. Similar to the myth regarding cancer, some people believe the inconsequential amount of radiation can lead to infertility. During X-rays, which use a much higher level of radiation, patients can cover themselves with a lead blanket to protect sensitive areas; the energy used in laser hair removal will not be able to penetrate into the body reach any internal organs to cause infertility problems, so there is no danger to worry about.

Myth: Laser Hair Removal Causes Your Hair to Grow

Men, you have probably been told that shaving can cause facial hair to grow back thicker than before. This simply is not true and has been proven time and time again. Laser hair removal also does not cause hair to grow back. This procedure targets the hair follicles, effectively destroying them. Hair grows in several stages, so it will take a few sessions to completely stop the hair from growing back.

Myth: Only Light Skinned Individuals Can Receive Laser Hair Removal

While this was the case over 20 years ago, technology has advanced to allow a greater spread of treatment. Our laser technology can target the hair follicles on individuals of any skin color. Do not let this false claim prevent you from getting rid of unwanted hair.

Your Laser Hair Removal Center

These are just a few of the many laser hair removal myths and facts. Let our skin experts at the Skin & Vein Center show you what laser hair removal can do for you during your initial consultation. Setting it up is free with no obligation. Call the Skin & Vein Center today and start exploring your options with laser hair removal. Click here and read about our Kybella procedure today!

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