Is Kybella Right for You?

For many people, making sure their exterior matches their interior is an important part of overall self-esteem. While the human body naturally ages and changes, certain differences noticed along the way can seem out of place with the youthful energy one might feel inside!

In our youth, our bodies produce a significant amount of collagen and elastin. The result is fresh, glowing skin that’s smooth and wrinkle-free. As time goes by, those collagen and elastin production levels drop naturally. The result is seen across the body but is perhaps most noticeable on the face. This is the part of the body that’s presented to the world daily and lowered collagen and elastin levels can lead to the development of wrinkles around the eyes, fine lines on the forehead, and sagging skin around the jawline. Of all the developments that happen naturally in this area, the appearance of a double chin can be extra frustrating.

For a long time, the options were seemingly limited when it came to reversing the effects of sagging and loose skin under the chin causing this doubled-up appearance. Many believed they simply had to live with the look or be willing to undergo a highly invasive procedure to remedy the problem. The issue was often the use of general anesthesia, risk of infection, and recovery time after such a procedure.

These days, things are different, much to the delight of those suffering from double chins everywhere! Advances in modern cosmetic technology have made it possible to treat a double chin and sharpen up a profile without an invasive option being a necessity at all. Today, Kybella neck lift is a great choice that many are turning to, and finding it comes with some pretty fantastic results.

What Is Kybella?

A sleek, defined jawline can take years off a person’s face and even enhance the look of slimness overall. That’s exactly the effect Kybella aims to achieve. Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable cosmetic treatment that’s placed under the chin to remove excess fat cells in the area. It’s most effective on those with moderate to severe fat deposit accumulations under the chin that lead to the appearance of double skin folds.

How Does It Work?

Kybella injections are created using deoxycholic acid. This type of acid is found naturally in the body and is responsible for both breaking down and absorbing dietary fat cells. A Kybella injection is placed in a targeted area under the chin where those fat cells live and the deoxycholic acid actively works to destroy them upon contact. Over time, the reduction of fat cells in the area leaves the chin looking slimmer, more defined, and the recipient of the injections tends to enjoy a more youthful look overall. Kybella is a long-lasting injection and treatment option as cells that have been destroyed can no longer retain fat storage capabilities. This means that once the aesthetic preference is reached, Kybella injections will be considered complete and successful.

What Does the Kybella Neck Lift Procedure Entail?

A Kybella-trained healthcare specialist is responsible for administering Kybella injections to patients. Once a patient has opted to receive injections to treat a double chin, the attending physician will take time to evaluate the area and make sure there is enough fat to be treated. If there is, the treatment area is clearly marked out and over the course of 15 to 20 minutes, the patient will receive a number of injections dependent on the fat cell accumulation to be dealt with. In the vast majority of cases, patients require around six treatment sessions spaced one month apart to achieve desirable results.

Who Is It Right For?

Choosing Kybella injections is a highly personal decision but there are a few factors that tend to play into a person’s choice to try and reduce or eliminate the look of a double chin. Kybella could be a good option for those who feel a double chin makes them look older or heavier than they actually are. It could also be a good option for those who feel self-conscious about having a double chin. Many who choose Kybella neck lift do so to avoid invasive surgical options when diet and exercise haven’t led to any positive results in this particular area of the body.

Possible Side Effects

Bruising, temporary numbness, and some swelling at the treatment site can be expected following Kybella injections. These shouldn’t last for more than a few days after treatment.

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