Is a Vampire Facial Right for You?

You have most likely heard of a facial when visiting a spa or reviewing cosmetic procedures to reduce the signs of aging. One of the best facials currently on the market is called a Vampire Facial. Don’t let the name scare you, as the Vampire Facial is one of the safest cosmetic procedures currently available to help soften the appearance of fine lines.

What is a Vampire Facial?

If you are not aware of what a Vampire Facial is, you are not alone. This incredible procedure is designed to reinvigorate the collagen production in your skin. The first step in a Vampire Facial is to remove a small sample of blood and then separate the platelet rich plasma (PRP). This compound is full of everything you need to promote stem cell and tissue growth. A micro-needling device is used next to create microscopic punctures that naturally increase collagen production in the skin. Finally, the PRP cells are softly brushed over the face, allowing this compound to be absorbed by the skin for maximum results.

How It Works

We generally are able to complete a Vampire Facial as little as 60 minutes. The procedure does not require any significant recovery time; instead, patients are able to return to their daily routine immediately following the procedure. The application of PRP cells cannot be washed off for the first 12-24 hours after the procedure has been completed for the best results possible. We recommend our patients use only a gentle cleanser for their face and a moisturizer with SPF for at least a day. All other skin care routines can be resumed after a single week.

The Right Candidate for a Vampire Facial

The ideal candidate for a Vampire Facial is anyone who is looking to reduce the appearance of premature wrinkles. Potential candidates can also be those looking to make their skin tone even and have a clearer complexion. Vampire Facials are not recommended for those who have a history of blood disease, in particular blood clotting. The only risk you may have is a simple bruise from the initial blood draw.

Vampire Facial from the Skin & Vein Center

If you are ready to reap the benefits of a Vampire Facial, look no further than the Skin & Vein Center. Our professional staff is highly trained in this advanced procedure and can help you achieve younger looking skin in as little as 60 minutes. Call for your no-obligation consultation today!

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