Introducing The Hour Lift


What if you could look years younger in as little as an hour? Is that possible, and what’s involved? We’ll explain what makes the hour lift so popular and the top reasons many women – and men, are choosing this procedure over traditional facelifts.

The Skin and Vein Center is one of the leading cosmetic centers in the US offering innovative and effective treatments that make you look younger, refreshed and rejuvenated. The 1-Hour Facelift is affordable and accessible to all, only costing $2,900.

What is the Hour Facelift Exactly?

If you’re a late-night TV junkie, you may have seen this procedure advertised years ago. Now, with cosmetic procedures becoming more mainstream and less of a taboo, the hour facelift is taking its foothold in the industry.

How it Works

In traditional facelifts, the facial muscles are moved around. Not so with the one-hour facelift. Instead, very tiny incisions are made in the skin, after which your surgeon tightens the surrounding facial skin, eliminating wrinkles, and many of the flaws that come with aging.

The Benefits

-The procedure can be performed on just about anyone, from a 20-something to a 60- year-old.

-The recovery time is less and your routine can be resumed within 3 short days! You can take a shower within 24 to 48 hours. Compare this recovery time to the two-week time span required for traditional facelift recovery.

-Compared to more than $10, 000 needed for a traditional facelift, the one-hour facelift doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Neither does it require that you take a lengthy time off to get it done.

-The results look natural rather than synthetic because it doesn’t require a complete overhaul of your facial muscles.

-During the procedure, you will feel virtually no pain since local anesthesia is used.

-And to answer one of the most common questions by patients regarding the length of time results will last, this will be roughly 5-10 years.

Imagine the possibilities when you finally get the chance to look like your younger self again:

-Feel More Confident

-Go On New Dates

-Find New Roads

-Shine in a New Career Path

It’ll be a new day and a new you!

The Skin and Vein Center has performed close to 3,000 mini-facelifts on patients located all across the nation. Ran by accomplished surgeon Dr. Seiger, his skilled hands will transform you into a younger, more natural looking you. To learn more, call the Skin and Vein Center today at 800-400-VEIN or visit our HourLift homepage!

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