Indoor Tanning Rates Drop In US Adults Between 2010 And 2013


According to Reuters, there has been a significant reduction in the amount of US adults who are opting for indoor tanning. As opposed to 5.5% of the adult population using tanning services, only 4.2% were still using this option between the years 2010 and 2013.

The study was conducted by leading medical boards including the CDC and the National Cancer Institute. Per the report, 4.2% may seem like a trivial number, but this is well over 9 million individuals.

But what is the source of this new decline, and is this new shift even a good thing? Experts at the Skin and Vein Center say that this trend is absolutely positive, since indoor tanning has been proven to be a leading source of skin cancer. Consumers are wising up to this fact – due to increasing outreach programs that aim to spike awareness of tanning’s dangers.

One of these outreach programs is called “Healthy People”, which aims to better the health of average Americans by the year 2020.

The Top Reasons Why Tanning is Bad for You

Here are some other reasons why tanning is bad for your skin:

-Indoor tanning has not been proven a safer alternative to natural tanning via sunbathing.

-This cosmetic treatment also causes premature age spots and wrinkles according to research.

-According to the CDC, tanning can furthermore affect the natural makeup of your skin’s texture in a negative way.

-Tanning can increase your susceptibility to eye diseases when proper eye gear isn’t used.

-Some studies have shown that tanning causes similar discomforts and effects of sunburn.

Good to Know

Other countries have caught wind of the dangers of indoor tanning, and as a protective measure, have banned the service in their respective lands. According to the CDC, a few of these countries include Brazil and a few states in Australia. In other countries like Belgium, Finland, France, Germany and other, the ban is enforced for individuals who are under the age of 18.

For safer and more natural ways to achieve healthy, glowing skin, consult a specialist like the Skin and Vein Center to determine your goals, and possible safe treatments that may work for you. The phone number to call is (586) 314-1400.


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