In-Person Appointments Now Available

If you have been following the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis, you are probably aware of the huge impact it has had on the cosmetic industry. Most cosmetic facilities were deemed non-essential by the Center for Disease Control & Prevention, also known as the CDC. This has made us close our doors for in person appointments since early March causing us to cancel thousands of previously scheduled times. With this ongoing closure, we have seen a tremendous demand for cosmetic care that our patients have come to expect.

Finally, after many months of waiting, we are now able to see our patients in person back in our facility once again. We are just as excited to see your faces as you are to receive your postponed cosmetic treatments. However, with our doors opening once again, we want to make sure to place our patients’ safety as our top priority. You can expect a few changes that will allow you to continue to receive the quality care from the Skin & Vein Center but with additional safety and cleanliness.

New Safety Practices

When you come back to the Skin & Vein Center for your in-person appointments, you will notice some things have changed. These changes are for the best to ensure your safety during each visit. First, each individual staff or patient will be screened at the front door with a digital thermometer; this will help us ensure individuals with COVID-19 do not come into contact with the office. Second, all patients and staff members will be required to wear a face mask. Third, we ask our patients to come alone for their appointments unless that person is helping their mobility. Fourth, we may ask our patients to wait in their cars until they have been called back to the exam room; this ensures there is an appropriate distance between everyone while waiting.

The last change to our safety practices will be the cleaning and disinfecting all frequently touched surfaces in the office. One of things the CDC continues to advise is that COVID-19 may stick to surfaces for up to 14 days. By cleaning our offices frequently throughout the day, we can essentially get rid of the possibility of COVID-19 coming into contact here.

Book Your In Person Appointments in Advance

Now is the perfect time for you to start booking your appointments in advance. By booking in advance, you can reserve a time and date that can meet your schedule. We may not have as many appointment slots available during the day due to new safety procedures. So, in order for you to find the time that works for you, it is recommended all patients schedule their slots in advance. In addition, we have had to cancel thousands of appointments since March when we closed the offices for in person visits. You will find that many individuals are looking forward to cosmetic treatments just like you are. Beat the rush and reduced appointment slots by scheduling yours in advance today.

Virtual Appointments Are Still Available

Not everyone is ready to come back for in person appointments and we completely understand. If you are not prepared to visit us in person, we are glad to continue providing virtual appointments as needed. These virtual appointments will be conducted as video and phone consultations as the government continues to allow us. As with in-person appointments, these types of consultations need to be scheduled in advance. You will be able to talk directly with our knowledgeable staff about an upcoming treatment, medication consultation, and more. Best of all, we make sure to use popular video conference platforms, so you do not have to download additional programs. Our virtual appointments are a great way to continue getting the cosmetic assistance you need while the world is still wary about COVID-19.

Get Your Skin Care Products

At the Skin & Vein Center we make sure to assist all of our patients’ needs. If you are looking to purchase skincare products that we offer, you can continue to do so without having to visit us directly. All skincare purchases can be placed in advance over the phone. Simply come to our office where we can bring the products out to your car. We can also have them shipped directly to you. Whichever way you choose, you can keep up with your skincare routine at home without risking coming into contact with others if you are uncomfortable doing so.

The Same High-Quality Care from the Skin & Vein Center

While the world may be a different place today than it was last year, you can continue to expect the high-quality care at the Skin & Vein Center. Call our offices today to schedule your free consultation whether it is over video conference or in person. We will take care of all your cosmetic needs today.

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