The Hour Lift is Increasing in Popularity

You eat right, get exercise and generally take the best possible care of yourself. You feel young and vibrant; however, you want your face to reflect that youthful feeling. You may be experiencing lines and wrinkles that are not reflective of how you feel inside. The Hour Lift or mini-facelift can help!

The Hour Lift is fast becoming one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for many reasons. These lifts have been performed for about the last 15 years; however, their popularity has increased because makeover shows on television began to glamorize them. No longer is receiving a facelift considered taboo or something to be kept secret.

What is the Difference Between an Hour Lift and a Traditional Lift?

Many people ask about the difference between a traditional lift and the Hour Lift. The Hour Lift involves cutting the skin and tightening the muscles in the face, while a regular lift involves actually moving the facial muscles.

In addition, the areas involved in the facelift are the jowls, cheeks, and neck. There are also large differences in the recovery time and cost. A regular facelift involves a two-week recovery time and an Hour Lift has a three-day recovery period. A regular lift can cost anywhere between $6,000 to $15,000, while an Hour Lift is approximately $3,000.

What Happens During an Hour Lift?

Prior to the Hour Lift, you will be given a mild sedative and then a local anesthetic. The procedure will take between one to one and a half hours.

A small incision is made in the front of the ear, and then tissues under the skin will be lifted and extra skin removed. The skin is then draped over overlying skin, creating a wrinkle-free look.

After the procedure, you will be instructed to wear an iced head garment for the next two days. The sutures will be removed within the next six to eight days.

How Long Will the Results Last?

Most patients will experience a look that is five to 10 years younger, with those results lasting anywhere between five to 10 years.

If you are ready to regain that youthful look that reflects how you feel inside, contact a cosmetic surgeon knowledgeable and experienced in the Hour Lift to discuss whether this option is a good fit for you.

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