Five Benefits of Volbella

Maybe you were born with thick, full, and voluptuous lips that have suddenly begun to thin out as you age, or maybe you just weren’t blessed with the type of lips that women want and men desire. Maybe you’ve spent thousands of dollars over the years trying to obtain the perfection you feel you are lacking; maybe you just gave it up as a lost cause, but it hurts every time you stare in the mirror and see what could have been instead of what is there. Every commercial on television, every advertisement in the magazines, every billboard posted along your daily route to work seems to taunt you as they flaunt beautiful women blowing kisses or tossing a smile over their shoulders with lips so full and thick, you have to wonder how much is real and how much is photoshop!

Fortunately, in today’s world, you no longer need to mourn what you have lost or what you have never had, because chances are, those women have discovered the benefits Volbella, a non-surgical augmentation procedure that gives you the thick and full lips you have always desired!

No Surgery Means No Scarring

Volbella is an injectable made from hyaluronic acid that requires no surgery, and because the needles used are small, no scarring will occur, allowing you to have the treatment as often as necessary.

Plump Lips Create a Youthful Appearance

It’s not fair, but the truth of the matter is that women with thin lips appear to be older than women with full lips. In addition, fuller lips allow for easier application of lipstick!

Volbella Also Smooths Out Fine Lines Around Your Mouth

We’ve all been there: one day, the smooth skinned face in the mirror is suddenly showing fine lines. Getting older happens to everyone, but if you utilize the advancements in medical technology that are available to you, it’s possible to slow down time.

Accentuates the Natural Contour of Your Mouth

The sexy pout, the indentation at the top of your lip—all the features we like best about the mouth become more noticeable and alluring with Volbella injections. Whether you’re doing it to make yourself happier with your appearance or trying to attract attention from the opposite sex, you can’t go wrong with Volbella!

Volbella is Your Secret Weapon Against Aging

And the Skin & Vein Center is your ace in the hole. Schedule your consultation today and let Dr. Seiger and the Skin & Vein Center help you retain the outwardly youthful appearance that matches that youngster you have hiding inside!

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