Fat Grafting For Removing Acne Scars

Have you passed the awkward stage of acne, but are now plagued by the scars left behind? Have you tried over the counter creams that work to some extent, but you’re still noticing the scars.

You may be wondering how to proceed.

One option is fat grafting Michigan. While this is largely linked to cosmetic enhancements, it’s also versatile for acne too. We’ll explain how and why:

Fat Grafting Michigan

Fat grafting is done by removing extra fat from one area of the body, then transplanting it into another. In this case, only a minimal amount of fat is needed, but patients can speak with the surgeon if fat removal is a top concern.

To remove fat, liposuction is performed, whereby small micro cannulas suction fat cells. If you’re concerned about scars, this isn’t something to worry about. The micro cannulas measure the size of a ball point pen tip.

After the removal, fat is injected into the scarring site, and it plumps up the skin, revealing new and fresh skin. Collagen production is also put in speed mode after the treatment.

Quick Tidbits Regarding Fat Grafting For Acne Scars

The treatment is also known as fat transfer scar therapy or micro lipo injection.

The types of scar this method treats are those that are recessed. Skin lighteners can be used for spots.

It can also be used to treat scars caused by chicken pox and burns as a few examples.

Top Benefits of Fat Grafting for Acne

Some of the advantages that fat grafting provides, that other methods don’t include:

  • Filling In the Gaps – when it comes to scarring, this refers to more than just spots alone. Many acne patients are left with gaps in the skin due to the stress caused by acne, especially if the pimples were prematurely ruptured.

  • Permanent Results – when fat is grafted in the face or other area, the effects are long lasting.

  • Youthful Appearance – patients can benefit from plumper cheeks while also removing acne scars.

  • Natural Treatment – patients use their own fat to treat the acne scars, and this reduces the likelihood of irritation caused by chemicals. A natural filler also means that a natural appearance will be made possible.

Fat grafting has been used for multiple types of scars including acne, burns and more. It is also versatile for other areas of the body besides the face, including the chest, legs and arms. Ask a surgeon for more details today.


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