FAQs About Hair Restoration

Are you or a loved one starting to experience hair loss or thinning? If so, you probably have several questions about how hair restoration can help. Advances in technology have made it even easier to receive this lifechanging treatment. Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding hair restoration:

What is Hair Restoration?

You may remember cheesy commercials from decades ago that claimed hair transplants can change the way you look. Unfortunately, the procedure was not ideal for everyone. Now, with the advances in technology, hair restoration is more available than ever. Hair restoration is a transplantation procedure that removes hair from other parts of the body and transplants it onto your scalp. Our transplant takes hair follicles and moves them to the areas where hair has begun to thin away.

What Happens During a Hair Restoration Treatment?

During hair restoration treatments, a number of hair follicles are grafted onto areas where balding or thinning is occurring. Either four to seven hairs, a mini treatment, or one to three hairs, a micro treatment, are grafted for a permanent solution to your thinning hair. The amount of sessions required is different for each patient. Typically, 100 to 1,200 graphs can be completed during a single hair restoration session. These treatments can last up to three hours in length, depending on the amount of grafts completed.

How Many Treatments are Required?

The amount of treatments required is dependent on the amount of growth you are looking for. The hair grafts will shed and be replaced with new hair growth in approximately 12 weeks after a procedure. Due to this time, additional sessions cannot be scheduled until after three months have passed since your initial treatment.

Is Hair Restoration Painful?

Our hair restoration procedures are virtually painless and only require a local anesthetic. While some discomfort can occur when the local anesthetic wears off, it can be controlled through your typical over the counter pain relievers. Patients can typically return to their everyday schedule in only 24 hours after a session!

Hair Restoration with the Skin & Vein Center

For your hair restoration needs, look no further than the professionals at the Skin & Vein Center. Our knowledgeable staff has been providing hair restoration treatments for years in the state of Michigan and is looking to help you. Call today for your free consultation on how hair restoration can help with your hair loss.

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