Erase Your Regrets with Laser Tattoo Removal

There are moments in life that are best remembered through a permanent tribute. For some, getting a tattoo is a right of passage while others utilize tattoos across the body to honor a moment, event, or even an individual. While these tattoos are likely designed to last, other tattoos are achieved through more impulsive means. The excitement of getting a tattoo can lead many individuals to jump into the process a bit too quickly, earning them a permanent mark that’s less than pleasing down the road. Others find themselves caught up in a moment of romance and eventually regretting that name emblazoned on their skin when things go wrong. Still, others may find that their best intentions leave them looking for solutions to eliminate a tattoo when it simply doesn’t turn out as stunning as originally envisioned at the hands of an inexperienced artist.

Whatever the reasons may be, tattoo removal is a common desire amongst those with colorful artwork inked on their skin that no longer rings relevant in their current phase of life. Where removing a tattoo once upon a time was a practically impossible notion, advancements in technology today mean that those looking to revitalize their skin to its original art-free appearance can do so with the help of a cosmetic specialist. There’s no need to simply endure your tattoo regrets any longer when the evidence of ink can be removed through laser technology offered up at the Skin & Vein Center with ease.

A History of Tattoo Removal Success

With over 25 years in the business of tattoo removals, the team at The Skin & Vein Center is well versed in what it takes to give skin back it’s natural health and appearance while also keeping up with the latest, most innovative technologies to get the job done. Whether a patient is looking to simply remove vibrant colors from an existing tattoo to create a more seamless look, or can’t wait to have the tattoo removed altogether, our team has the expertise needed to help make it happen with the assistance of PicoSure.

Laser-Based Technology to the Rescue

Tattoos are made to last, so the technology utilized to remove them has to have just as much staying power and nothing does a more efficient job than PicoSure. The team at the Skin & Vein Center is happy to be able to offer this innovative technology to patients in the name of tattoo removal which works closely with the body’s natural healing processes to eliminate tattoos over a series of treatment sessions. PicoSure relies on PressureWave technology to target ink particles within the skin. These waves are delivered through laser energy as short pulses that lock into ink particles with precision pressure and break them into minute particles nearly the size of dust. The human body reacts to these particle breaks as if they were injuries and begins to react accordingly. Over time, the lymphatic system kicks into action and begins to naturally absorb the broken particles, naturally eliminating ink color within the parameters of a common immune system process.

Expected Results

The number of sessions an individual requires depends on a few important factors. Successful results come down to the saturation levels of the original tattoo, color usage as well as the body’s reaction to absorbing particles once treatment as been delivered. While each PicoSure session itself may only be a few minutes in length, the vast majority of patients will require several sessions to see the results they’ve set out to achieve. Many of these sessions are spaced 5 to 6 weeks apart in order to give the body time to naturally absorb ink particles before targeting the treatment site again.

Price Considerations

The final price tag associated with tattoo removal has long been a hurdle for those considering getting treatment to achieve clear-skin results. Fortunately, the efficiency of PicoSure technology also comes with the added benefit of generally being able to cut the necessary treatment sessions in half—a welcome gift for many who are considering the process. At The Skin & Vein Center, the price of tattoo removal treatments begin at $89 for a one square inch of treatment space and increase from there depending on the size of the tattoo and the number of sessions required.

Contact Our Team Today

Whether you’re ready to get out into a professional field and a current tattoo just won’t do, or you’re hoping to erase that colorful memento to a past impulsive moment, the team at the Skin & Vein Center is here to help you achieve the clear skin you want and deserve. Contact our clinic today to learn more about our many tattoo removal services as well as our other cosmetic treatment options that can help you get back to the look you love. We can’t wait to partner with you on your journey to change!

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