Endovenous Laser Treatment vs Vein Stripping

When it comes to vein disease, there are a variety of treatments currently on the market that can be helpful. Varicose veins are one of the most common forms of vein disease for which people seek treatment. For decades, the standard varicose vein treatment was vein stripping. However, new technological advancements have allowed laser energy treatments to become more effective and less risky than surgical treatments. Here is how endovenous laser treatment and vein stripping compare to one another:

The Procedure

Endovenous laser treatments are able to close off varicose veins without having to physically remove them from the body. Laser energy targets the inner vein walls of the varicose vein, causing it to close down and eventually collapse. Your body will naturally redirect blood flow through the other veins in your leg and eventually absorb the closed vein. Patients are administered local anesthesia during the procedure which keeps them comfortable as the fiber optic cable is inserted into the vein being treated.

Vein stripping, on the other hand, involves surgically removing the varicose vein through incisions behind your knee or around the groin. This type of procedure is more invasive and requires general anesthesia to keep patients comfortable. Most vein stripping treatments take around 90 minutes to complete but can take even longer if complications are noticed. Both procedures allow patients to return home that very same day.

The Results

You can achieve similar results from both endovenous laser treatments and vein stripping. Patients of endovenous laser treatments can return to their everyday schedule within 24 hours but are recommended to refrain from exercising for a few weeks. Light walking is always encouraged and can even help improve the blood flow and healing in your treated leg. Some minor redness and swelling may be observed but can be taken care of with over-the-counter medication. Vein stripping takes several weeks to recover from the incisions made in the leg. Patients are advised to get as much rest as possible during this time and recover.

Where to Seek Your Vein Stripping

When it comes to the best vein treatment in Michigan, look no further than the Skin & Vein Center. Our staff is trained in a variety of vein treatments, including endovenous laser treatments and vein stripping. We can also help you if you think you might be in danger of deep vein thrombosis. Call today for your no-obligation consultation and see which vein treatment we recommend for your varicose veins.

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