Dealing with Spider Veins on the Eyelids

Spider veins are irregular, thin, purplish or reddish veins and capillaries that are easily visible on the skin’s surface. They can show up anywhere and their appearance is similar to that of a spider web—hence the term spider veins. The medical term for these damaged, red veins is telangiectasia.

For the most part, spider veins are completely harmless, but they can be of great concern to many patients for cosmetic reasons, especially if there are many of them or their location is on a very obvious spot on the body. Spider veins on the eyelids can be of particular concern to patients because the eyes are so central to the face and such a front-and-center feature in daily interactions.

Many factors may contribute to the appearance of spider veins, including advancing years, genetics, excessive straining of the eyes, insomnia, overexposure to the sun or tanning beds, or poor health habits in general. Since the skin of the eyelids is very delicate—it is the most fragile skin on the entire body—it can become easily damaged. The thin veins present in the eyelids may become enlarged due to venous deficiency, which causes inflammation and vein damage.

Laser Therapy Treatments

So what can be done to lessen the appearance of spider veins of the eyelids? They’re not the easiest veins to treat due to the sensitivity of the area, but electrocautery or laser therapy can do a lot to help diminish their appearance. It’s very important to find a cosmetic surgeon who is experienced at treating veins of the eyelids and who will use the appropriate shield to prevent any penetration of the laser into the eyes during the procedure. Small spider veins can be quite effectively treated with laser therapy without causing any real discomfort to the patient, but with larger veins, doctors may be more cautious because of the higher risk of damaging the eye.

Natural Remedies

There are a few natural remedies for lessening the appearance or risk of developing spider veins. One way is to eat a healthy diet that is rich in vegetables and fruits, with lots of vitamins and minerals present in them to encourage vein health and proper circulation. Horse chestnut is also effective at diminishing spider veins because of its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to help improve the circulation of blood within tiny veins in the eyelids and other parts of the body.

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