Is Cryo Blue Acne Treatment Right For You?

Acne is something that everyone must go through one way or another. For most people, acne is mostly a stage in puberty that makes us look awkward for a few years and then we grow out of it. However, we are seeing more and more conditions where acne begins during puberty and continues to affect patients well into their lives. This acne has been seen to affect not only your face, but neck, shoulders, and back as well. One of the best solutions to this type of acne is with our Cryo Blue acne treatment.

What is Cryo Blue Acne Treatment?

Cryo Blue acne treatment is a two-step treatment that is ideal for all types of acne types. First, we apply the Cryo Blue to the affected areas in-office, and then you follow up with the blue light and skin care products we provide for use at home. This one-two punch treatment is extremely effective for treating acne that has already appeared. We also have formulated the treatments to kill existing bacteria on your skin to prevent further acne from occurring.

Two-Step Treatment

The first step in the Cryo Blue acne treatment plan is the Cryo Blue application. This treatment begins with a snowball of medical grade dry ice that is combined with a liquid to create an organic compound. This combination creates a solid slush that is ready to be applied to the patient’s skin. The slush is applied and may cause a foam on the treated area, but this will subside quickly. The slush will effectively eliminate bacteria from the surface of the skin, while also cooling to reduce inflammation. We can apply this treatment to a patient at most once per week.

Next, we send you home with step two of the treatment. The blue light acne treatment helps to kill the bacteria in your pores and help heal inflammatory acne. The blue light is effective at eliminating bacteria both on the skin and within it. Along with this treatment, we also send home acne products for acne prone skin because of its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. These products have great anti-aging properties as well.

The Results

We guarantee our results will provide you with a new and acne-free you. We are confident in our procedures. If you are suffering from acne anywhere on your body, please call Skin and Vein to set up an acne consultation.

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