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How Can Compression Stockings Alleviate Your Varicose Vein Symptoms?

Compression stockings can slow the progress of issues caused by bulging veins, as well as relieve your varicose veins symptoms. How they work is quite simple: the stockings squeeze the legs, which then reduces the blood and pressure in the veins. They are often called compression socks or support stockings, in addition to the common name of compression stockings.

Essentially, these garments are elastic socks or stockings that compress the leg to promote lymphatic and vein circulation.

Compression stockings used for alleviating patients' varicose veins' symptoms

Other Benefits of Compression Socks

Of course, varicose veins are not the only problems compression stockings can treat. While mild symptoms of protruding veins can often be treated using support hosiery, knee socks or knee-highs, symptoms that are more serious may require special medical-grade compression stockings. You will need to get a compression stocking prescription from a doctor for these garments.

For example, frequent travelers often wear compression socks, combined with exercise to reduce the risk of DVT, which can often occur for those sitting for long periods of time. These garments can also reduce leg fatigue often experienced by travel or having to stand for long periods of time.

People who have lymphedema, a condition where the body is having difficulty circulating lymphatic fluid and leads to swelling or discomfort in the limbs, also appreciate the benefits of compression stockings as they can help with the swelling, as well as reduce the risk of skin breakdown or infection.

About Measurements for Compression Stockings & Pressure Levels

You should consult with your physician as to the type of compression stocking you should use, as compression stocking pressure levels vary by design. These garments should be properly sized when the leg is least swollen, and if needed, you can have them made to order. Furthermore, remember that compression stockings should be snug, so make sure you get the correct measurements for your compression stockings – it may take a while for you to get used to wearing them. You will need to wear them all day, so they should still be comfortable.

If you feel compression stockings can help alleviate the varicose veins symptoms that you are experiencing, call us today at the Skin and Vein Center. We will sit down with you during an initial consultation to discuss all of your options for treatment, as well as dispel some myths about vein disease you may have heard.  Call us today to learn more information about the benefits of compression socks and see what else the Skin and Vein Center can do for you!

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