Botox vs Dysport

When considering the need for injectable treatments to help with the appearance of wrinkles, you can find quite a few treatments out there. While trends come and go about which kind of treatment is best for wrinkles, you will always see Botox and Dysport as two of the leading options available. It is important to know the similarities and differences between these two popular treatments that are sweeping the market.

Similarities Between Botox and Dysport

Botox and Dysport are very similar treatments in that they are both injectables which use botulinum type A to relax the muscles. These injectables target the muscles that typically cause frown lines, usually around the forehead and next to the eyes. Since Dysport has only recently been made available in areas outside of the United States, there is less known about it. Generally speaking, both Botox and Dysport provide great results and need repeated injections every 3 to 6 months. With so much in common you might be wondering if there are any differences. Let us take a look.

Differences Between Botox and Dysport

The biggest chemical difference between Botox and Dysport is that Dysport injections are smaller molecules. This allows them to have a slightly quicker onset of results when compared directly to Botox. The smaller molecules also allow Dysport to diffuse into wider areas, which is advantageous when areas of the face are being treated, but can
be a disadvantage for other parts of the body.

Research into the differences between Botox and Dysport is still ongoing, but early results have shown that Dysport does not appear to last as long as Botox. With Dysport diffusing into wider areas (making direct treatments for a single area ineffective) and not lasting quite as long, it is not as effective over time as Botox. While single Dysport injections may be cheaper at first, the additional injections you will require will quickly add up, resulting in an overall higher cost than Botox. Botox has been a dominating presence in the cosmetic industry, and it provides the longer-lasting results people want. No matter how effective the injection is, it all comes down to cosmetic professional who is providing the injection.

Choosing the Skin and Vein Center

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