Blue Veins on Chest: Causes and Treatment

Most people know about vein conditions such as spider veins that are commonly found across the legs. However, most might be unaware that similar veins can start to become visible on the chest that are called blue chest veins. Like spider veins, blue chest veins have a variety of causes and treatments. Here is what you need to about the causes and treatment options for blue veins on chest.

Causes of Blue Veins on Chest

There are a variety of reasons on why blue chest veins may start to appear. In fact, many of the causes are like that of spider veins. One of the most commonly found causes for blue chest veins is age. The older our bodies start to get, the thinner our skin will be. This makes veins much more noticeable than they first were during youth.

Genetics can also be a prime suspect. If someone in your family has developed blue chest veins, you may be at risk as well. This risk only increases if that family member is one of your parents.

A third commonly found cause is rapid weight loss. Your skin can lose thickness when fat deposits are rapidly depleting. This will only increase with routine vigorous exercise, as the blood flow in your body is increased, causing a bulging appearance in your veins.

Finally, blue veins on chest can also be caused by hormonal changes and other medical conditions.

Who Can Develop Blue Chest Veins

Both men and women can develop blue chest veins. Women can have a higher susceptibility when pregnant due to the increased blood volume in the body.

When to Seek Treatment

Fortunately, blue chest veins do not represent any significant health problem. You may become self-conscious of your appearance and want to reduce the visibility of blue chest veins. This can be achieved through laser therapy such as sclerotherapy. This noninvasive treatment is extremely effective in reducing the appearance of blue chest veins and has only a short recovery period.

Choosing the Skin & Vein Center

If you have or known anyone with blue chest veins, contact the Skin & Vein Center today. Dr. Seiger and his team of highly trained staff have years of experience in the laser therapy treatments used to treat this condition. Call our office today to schedule your consultation where you can find out how we can help reduce the appearance of blue chest veins.

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