Blepharoplasy – Eyelid Surgery for Sagging, Baggy Lids

Though it’s not as commonly considered when thinking of facial surgery for an improved appearance, Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is becoming more common as a method for quickly and drastically improving the youthful appearance of eyes that have become more tired looking due to sagging, heavy or droopy eyelid. Though heavy, sagging eyelids are generally associated with older age, people of all ages may be experiencing eyelids that are either drooping some because of too much fat in the lid or wrinkling and sagging due to a lack of fat in the lids.

Droopy Eyelid Surgery

Though many people might refer to the procedure of removing excess eyelid skin as an “eyelid lift”, there is actually no lifting of the eyelid included. Blepharoplasty of the upper lid is performed by making small incisions to the eyelid skin to allow for the removal of extra fat and skin. Once the extra skin or fat has been removed, a thin line of stitches is used to bring the skin back together and allow for a new crease in the eyelid as it heals.

Surgery of the lower eyelid might involve small incisions just below the eyelash line or a small incision just inside of the eyelid itself. This method is known as the “transconjunctival approach” which allows the doctor access to the fat in the eyelid without having to cause any visible incisions.

Upper eyelid surgery is usually performed on any interested patient who is in relatively good health and has realistic expectations for results while wanting to alleviate some of the excess upper eyelid skin that often causes a heavy looking upper eyelid, a more aged appearance and extra puffiness around the eye. Some people even experience vision problems because of how heavy their eyelids have become and in these situations, blepharoplasty is often a good solution for improving overall vision.

The best candidates for lower blepharoplasty are those who are hoping to reduce wrinkles in their lower lid region, remove excess skin that is causing a more tired appearance and overall improve the shape of the lower lid by removing any unnecessary fat deposits or skin. Occasionally the lower eyelid just needs a little tightening to fix any sagging or droopiness or extra fat is actually needed to help fill out a lower lid that looks hollow.

When considering a blepharoplasty surgery, take the time to meet with your doctor ahead of time to discuss if this treatment is a suitable option for your individual circumstances.

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