Laser Skin Resurfacing Michigan, and Other Best Treatments for Acne Scarring

Adolescence brings all kinds of change to our bodies, with one of the least wanted ones being acne. Acne can take years to treat if severe enough and can leave behind nasty scarring that can be difficult to hide. Acne scarring can be seen as dark spots on the skin with uneven pigmentation or texture. Luckily, various acne-scarring treatments are available for those who wish to improve their appearance. Here are some of the best acne treatments available.

Laser Skin Resurfacing Michigan Treatments

Acne-scarring treatments such as ablative and non-ablative laser treatments can help resurface the texture of the skin on areas impacted by acne. Non-ablative laser skin resurfacing Michigan treatments cause changes in the skin dermis without damage and typically results in a short recovery time. Ablative laser treatments effectively remove outer layers of the skin for better results but increased recovery periods. These laser treatments help create a smoother skin texture and soften the appearance of scar tissue.

Surgical Treatments

Scar tissue can also be effectively treated through surgical procedures, depending on the type of scar tissue. “Ice pick” scars can be seen as numerous, small indentions in the skin and can be excised, with the skin sutured together afterwards. This treatment can leave a scar behind afterwards but is typically less noticeable and can fade with resurfacing techniques. Depressed acne scars can be treated with subcutaneous incisions to lift the skin from dermal structures and smooth their appearance. This procedure can easily be administered with only local anesthesia for quick results.

Alternative Treatments

Alternative treatments are also available but may not be able to provide the same results as laser and surgical treatments. Microdermabrasion is one such procedure that uses ultra-fine crystals to help with de-pigmentation. However, this treatment is unable to treat depressed acne scarring such as “pits.” Microneedling is a trending procedure that uses pulsating fine needles to puncture the skin and promote the growth of collagen and elastin. This procedure is typically minimal in cost and can be done in most office settings. Microneedling has shown improvements in scarring, stretch marks, and pore sizes.

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