Best Solution for Eczema

Eczema is an extremely common skin condition that affects millions of people each and every year. While there are many ways to treat the effects of eczema, it’s best to start with simple solutions and work your way up. Consider these three simple tips and find the best solution for eczema below:

Start with Medications

Seeking a quick and easy solution to eczema begins with targeting the cause. Eczema is a condition that occurs when our immune system begins to overreact and cause inflammation across our skin. This in turn leads to symptoms we commonly see such as red skin, itchiness, and more. Starting your treatment for eczema can begin with prescribed medication that helps to suppress your immune system; these are appropriately called immunosuppressants. Finding this medication is as simple as seeking out your nearest dermatologist for assistance.

Keeping Moisturized

It might seem like common knowledge, but keeping your skin moisturized throughout the day will help tremendously in fighting off eczema. You can find a variety of eczema creams at your nearest pharmacy that will help keep your skin moisturized. This is often found in cortisone cream that uses strong ingredients. Keeping your skin moisturized requires more than just applying this cream, however. Make sure you combat the dry and windy days of winter by covering up any limbs that often break out with eczema. This can include your face on especially dry winter days with freezing temperatures. Always make sure you stay out of the elements as much as possible when you experience eczema on a frequent basis.

Eczema Treatments via Phototherapy

If medication and moisturizers are not helping to fight off your eczema, you may require a different form of treatment. The Skin & Vein Center offers a variety of treatment options that will help your skin look and feel great. Our phototherapy session utilizes intense ultraviolet light to fight off symptoms of eczema while increasing the vitamin D levels in your skin. UV rays allow your body to stop overreacting to your immune system. We utilize two different forms of phototherapy depending on your skin type.

Time for Your Treatment at the Skin & Vein Center

These are just a few of the ways you can start to fight off eczema. Let our trusted physicians help you achieve better-looking skin with our phototherapy treatments. Call today for your no-obligation consultation and see how phototherapy and our other treatment options will help you.

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