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A full head of hair is often associated with good health, youth, and attractiveness, which is why hair loss is such a disappointment for those who begin to lose their hair due to age or genetics. Hair restoration methods have been popular for many decades, but only in recent years has hair restoration been able to provide such natural, long-lasting results (as can be seen from our incredible hair transplant before and after photos).

Though hair restoration patients are typically men, there are plenty of women who are struggling with hair loss and hair thinning who take advantage of these modern methods for restoring what they’ve lost.  If you’re experiencing hair loss, Dr. Seiger at the Skin and Vein Center can help you recover your natural look. Read on to see some of our incredible Before and After hair restoration photos today!

Our Michigan Hair Restoration Procedure

One of the most common hair restoration methods includes the hair transplant in which a local anesthetic is injected into the scalp where strips will be carefully taken out with a scalpel. The strips are then divided up into hundreds of tiny grafts which contain no more than one to a few hairs each. These grafts will then be carefully prepared for transplant into areas of the scalp that have no hair growth.

The time required to perform the hair transplant will depend upon how dramatic the hair loss is per patient. Patients of hair transplant surgery should expect to be very tender in their scalp following this procedure and will have to take pain medications for several days. Usually, a patient is able to return to work and normal life within two to five days after their surgery.

Before and After Hair Restoration Photos

After about three weeks following surgery, the transplanted hair will begin to fall out but regrowth of new hair will begin within a few months afterward. Within half a year, most patients will enjoy 60% of the new hair growth that they can expect overall.

Before and after hair restoration pictures reveal just how dramatic the results of hair restoration efforts can be. Many before pictures showcase patients who have next to no hair left, with the after pictures showing a significant improvement.

Be A Success Story

Hair loss affects millions of people in the U.S.  The loss of confidence from losing your hair can be dramatic – but it doesn’t have to stay that way!  At the Skin and Vein Center, Dr. Seiger gives patients their self-confidence back every day through hair loss treatments and other cosmetic procedures, such as PRP therapySchedule an appointment with him today – you’ll be glad you did!

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