All About the Nova Thread Lift

When it comes to personal aesthetic preferences, everyone takes a different view on how they’re affected by the aging process. While aging is perfectly normal, it comes with some changes that can leave you feeling less than your best. Often, the physical symptoms of aging have people feeling as if their appearance doesn’t match up with the sense of youthful energy they carry within!

Ultimately, aging can’t be stopped, but there’s no reason anyone has to simply settle for the results that time delivers up. Instead, there are a variety of cosmetic procedures available that can help restore youthful aesthetics and help those who undergo the treatments to walk away feeling like a better, perhaps even more authentic version of themselves. Among these youth-pursuing treatments is the Nova Thread Lift.

What is a Nova Thread Lift?

A Nova Thread Lift, otherwise referred to as Nova Threads or perhaps even just a thread lift amongst patients, is a solution designed to help reduce the effects of both sagging and loose skin. As the body ages, the collagen and elastin levels that work to keep skin tight naturally decline. The results can be the appearance of sagging skin that’s particularly noticeable around the neck, jawline, and lower to mid-face.

A Nova Thread Lift is an FDA-approved treatment that’s non-invasive and designed to target laugh lines, nasolabial folds, and marionette lines alike. Many patients that choose to go with a Nova Thread Lift are pleased to find out NovaThreads are manufactured in the United States and produced using synthetic, yet biodegradable material known as Polydioxanone. This material is frequently relied on by physicians placing absorbable sutures after surgery.

NovaThread Specifics

Much as the name indicates, a Nova Thread Lift uses hypodermic cannulas that are equipped with Polydioxanone sutures already in place. There are varying types of NovaThreads to choose from including smooth, twisted, and barbed. Smooth threads are designed to stimulate collagen upon injection and thicken the skin simultaneously. They’re often preferred amongst patients looking to treat wrinkles that are developed along the forehead, cheeks, mouth, neck, and face. Twisted threads are a precise solution for both nasolabial folds and around the lips to produce subtle enhanced volume. These are smooth threads that have been carefully coiled in order to result in more collagen production over the long term. Barbed threads are often turned to for lifting sagging skin and tightening the jawline, brows, or jowls.

How Does a Nova Thread Lift Work?

A thread lift of this type starts with a physician numbing the targeted treatment site using a local anesthetic. Once the area is completely numb, your physician will insert the pre-loaded cannula under the skin. This process will allow the threads to remain in place while the needle is carefully removed. Over time, the threads will fill in areas of volume loss, encourage collagen and elastin production and ultimately work to create the look of tighter and smoother skin.

Enjoy Long-Lasting Results

Patients who choose NovaThreads love them for their efficiency and non-invasive nature. While it often takes less than an hour to place these threads, the results last much longer. Over the course of 4 to 6 months following the procedures, the threads will be naturally absorbed by the body, but results lie in their wake. Their absorption comes with a natural healing response from the body to create more collagen and repair skin and volume loss at the source. NovaThreads have shown to be a great complement to fillers in this way with many patients seeing results that last up to a year before new threads are required.

When you need to get back to daily life quickly, NovaThreads are the way to go. They come with minimal downtime and at most, patients have reported feeling bruised, swollen, or slightly red at the treatment site for a few days following a Nova Thread Lift. Symptoms can generally be treated with over-the-counter pain medication and most people return to daily activities within 24-hours.

NovaThreads are a simple solution to a problem that plagues so many people. Knowing there is a solution out there to deal with fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin can make a big difference for those looking to retain a sense of youth and well-being. This process is easy to customize, and patients love the natural-looking results they enjoy.

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