A Summer Ready Body Through Cosmetic Surgery


There’s no time quite like the onset of summer to bring about a body conscious awareness and a desire to improve physical appearances. Summer vacations, swimming pools, less clothes during hotter days, social gatherings, weddings, beaches and more can cause many to consider how they can attain a better body quickly, safely, and significantly. Of course the basics to a healthy, attractive body will always include proper diet, exercise and other positive lifestyle choices, but when a little extra help is needed, cosmetic surgery procedures can help you get a summer body that you’re happy to show off. A variety of treatments, both non-invasive and minimally invasive, can make a big difference in your appearance and boost your self-esteem. Here are just a few of many popular procedures you might consider this year to get you summer ready:

Laser Hair Removal

There’s nothing quite like unwanted, unsightly hair to ruin the appeal of a brand new bathing suit, but laser hair removal techniques can help. Whether you’re looking to lessen the hassle of shaving your bikini line, or you’ve been dealing with course, dark, stubborn hair on your legs, underarms, upper lip, back or elsewhere and can’t bear the thought of trying to hide it all summer long, laser hair removal can make a significant difference in a matter of a few sessions. Treat one small area or large portions of your body for a smoother, more summer friendly appearance.

Smart Lipo

Smart Lipo procedures are so much more appealing than traditional liposuction methods for their lack of required downtime while still providing remarkable results. Instead of covering up on the beach all summer, why not look into how a smart lipo session can help slim your thighs, waist and back for a more contoured shape this season.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation methods have come a long way in recent years and are more natural looking than ever. Fat transfers where areas of the body where fatty deposits are abundant can be transferred to breasts that are drooping or lacking in volume for a natural, appealing look. Downtimes vary but your doctor can help you determine a procedure plan that will still leave you with plenty of time to enjoy the warmer months in confidence.

Tattoo Removal

If you can’t bear the thought of baring that regrettable lower back tattoo again this year, why not remove it completely? Laser tattoo removal techniques can rid you of the tattoos that you no longer care to show off so that you can feel confident poolside, in a little black dress, or in any other social event where you’d be happy to be the center of attention over your tattoo.

For more information on the many cosmetic procedures that can help you get summer ready, contact the Skin & Vein Center for a consultation today!


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