5 Ways Compression Stockings Can Help with Leg Vein Health

At the Skin and Vein Center, we have a goal of providing our patients the very best leg vein health. As such, we know how beneficial wearing compression stockings can be for those who may be suffering from vein issues. Wearing compression stockings can also help prevent vein issues from developing.

Main Benefits of Compression Stockings

There are five main benefits that come with wearing compression stockings:

  1. Improve blood flow
  2. Prevent blood from pooling or backing up in the veins of the legs
  3. Decrease the possibility of developing blood clots
  4. Decrease swelling in the legs
  5. Decrease the symptoms of vein disease

How Do Compression Stockings/Socks Improve Leg Vein Health?

In a nutshell, compression stockings promote healthy blood flow from the legs/feet back to the heart. Properly designed compression socks and stocking that have been properly fit can help prevent the blood from pooling in the legs. They will also assist with leg vein health, along with decreasing the risk of developing blood clots.

How and When to Wear Compression Stockings

You should wear compression socks and stockings whenever you are awake and moving about. You don’t need to wear them while sleeping; however, you should put them on as soon as you wake up. Should you wait until late after you awake, the blood can begin to pool causing your symptoms to arise.

Even if you are not suffering from the symptoms of vein disease, wearing compressing stockings can be beneficial — prevention! Wearing compression stockings and engaging in a healthy diet and exercise routine can help prevent or delay the appearance of spider or varicose veins. You’ll also find that many athletes are wearing compression garments/stockings to help with their performance and recovery after workouts and sport activities.

New Designs Make Compression Garments Attractive

Of course, many people associate compression garments with those old-fashioned rubbery stockings. However, compression garments have received a makeover with new fabrics and designs. You can find them in all sorts of colors and styles, including sheer fabrics and different lengths including thigh high, knee high and even pantyhose.

At the Skin and Vein Center, we want to help ensure healthy veins. If you want to know more about how compression stockings can be beneficial to you, please give us a call to set up a consultation. We can discuss your individual situation and help you find the best compression garments for you.

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