5 Treatments for a New You in 2021

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone. With the arrival of Covid-19 on the global scene, many employees transitioning to home offices and students moving to online schooling, it’s felt as if life has been turned upside down at every turn. While many of us find ourselves internalizing a lot of this stress, the fact is, worry has a way of showing up on the outside eventually. From the development of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, nose, and mouth to a dulling effect across the skin, it’s not uncommon for stress to show up on our faces in strange and unexpected ways. Whether it’s a direct result of stress or the result of lackluster skin maintenance during the lockdown, the effects tend to be less than ideal. Many who start to see the signs of stress emerge in this way find it ages them beyond the person they are inside. With 2021 around the corner, everyone is ready to leave the year that was behind. When you’re ready to turn the page on a brand new 12 months ahead and could use a facial rejuvenation treatment to match your new, replenished outlook on life–the team at the Skin & Vein Center recommends the following five options to revitalize you in the new year.

Enjoy a Chemical Peel

A simple chemical peel is an ultimate route to refreshing your skin in 2021. This non-surgical procedure effectively removes dead cells from the surface of the skin, opening up the way for healthy skin cells to develop and leaving you with a fresh, glowing complexion to enjoy. Chemical peels play an active role in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, dulling dark spots, and brightening skin overall. Chemical peels can be done as single or multi-solution treatments and offer varying degrees of strength depending on the results an individual is looking to achieve.

Try Fillers as a Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

You don’t have to undergo an invasive procedure to get a more defined jawline or erase fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. It’s also not necessary to take drastic measures when you’re looking for fuller lips. A little goes a long way when it comes to fillers, making them an ideal option when you’re aiming for a refreshed appearance in 2021. Injectable fillers don’t take long for a cosmetic physician to place and work wonders when it comes to adding facial volume in areas that may appear sunken or dull. More volume in the cheeks leads to a more youthful appearance while also diminishing those fine lines around the eyes and mouth. Plump lips are yours for enjoying with just a single session too!

Balance Out Stress Lines with Botox

When stress results in deepening creases along the forehead or around the eyes and mouth, Botox has long been an effective solution to smoothing it all out. The beauty of Botox for many lies not only in the successful results it delivers but in the short amount of time it takes to place. Once you’re in the clinic, it takes no more than five minutes per treatment area to inject Botox effectively. This muscle-relaxing agent works quickly, and the results are long-lasting. You’ll leave with a more energized appearance thanks to the elimination of those lines that speak to the drama of 2020.

Indulge Your Skin with a HydraFacial

Over time, skin that’s left to its own devices tends to develop clogged and oily pores. This is often paired with the appearance of red or brown spots as the skin naturally ages and as elastin and collagen levels drop, fine lines and wrinkles are often part of the package deal. However, that doesn’t mean that you simply have to live with it all in the New Year. Take time to indulge your skin by booking a HydraFacial treatment at The Skin & Vein Center and in just 30 minutes, you’ll be on your way with a fresh new take on life and your appearance. As gentle as it is effective HydraFacial is used to remove dead skin cells, clear clogged pores, and apply a revitalizing serum, all with the use of a single hand-held device that requires no anesthetic.

Go for the Vampire Facial

If you have an hour to spare, the Vampire Facial is a highly effective treatment option that delivers refreshing results. This treatment begins with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) being separated from an initial blood sample the patient gives. A micro-needling device is then used on the treatment area before PRP cells are brushed over the face. This facial encourages the faster rejuvenation of skin cells using the body’s own healing mechanisms to its advantage.

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